By Ihenagaram Abigail C.

Do you think beating a woman is the only way out?
-Are you among those who beat women?
-Do you derive joy in beating a woman?
– Do you beat your sisters at any little misunderstanding?
-Do you see beating a woman as a way of showing you are the head of the family?

Hmmm my dear you are getting it all wrong. Women naturally are stubborn, and they have this gift of talking. Beating her is not the solution rather you are adding to your problems. A woman can be your headache, she can be nagging, stubborn etc. But this same headache, nagging and stubborn woman can still be that lovely, caring and respectful woman you have always wish to have. It all depend on the way you treat her.
Women naturally love pampering and care no matter how tough she looks. You can’t be treating her like your slave and expect her to treat you like a king. You can’t hate her and expect love in return. You can’t shower her with insult at any little misunderstanding and expect her to shower you with praises. Don’t think she is stupid any time she is dancing to your tone. Do you know why she is dancing to your tone? She is doing that because she still loves you, she still cares, she still believes in you, she still believe that one day you will change and become that lovely partner she once said yes to. She still believe you both can make your marriage/relationship work. That is why she is giving you countless chance, no matter how many times you screw up.
The truth is that, most men don’t know that such women gets tired. Permit me to say this “WOMEN ARE LIKE COMPUTERS, GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT”. What you give to them is what you get in return. You can’t reap what you never sow. You cannot reap love, peace when all you sow is trouble and beating her. No matter how tough it looks, shower her with LOVE; correct her with LOVE.
A real man never hurt a woman, be careful when you make her cry because God count her tears. The woman came out of a man’s rib not from his feet to be walked on and not from his head to be superior but from his side to be equal under the arm to be protected and next to the heart to be LOVED.
I have been asked this question so many time by different guys. “Miss Abigail since you advise us to stop laying hands on women, what can we do to replace beating?” There are so many ways to handle a woman rather than beating her, and it will be very effective.
These are few things to do that has always affected women.
REJECT HER FOOD: Every woman hate when her food is been rejected. Please while doing this don’t eat outside. You can prepare your own food or eat snacks for the main time. You can buy food outside but bring it home to eat.
IGNORE HER: I don’t think there is anything that hurt women most than this. Ladies hate when they are been ignored. For me, “it is better you do any other thing to me but never you ignore me”. It’s painful to be ignored by your partner or someone you love.
With this alone she will come pleading and asking where she went wrong, she will even promise to change. This is for someone that loves you. If she does not love you, if you like ignore her slippers, she wouldn’t be move. While ignoring her, you just have to be extra careful because she can see this as an opportunity to mess up (willingly/unwillingly). These does not mean you will ignore her sexually.
STOP ANY SPECIAL THING YOU ALWAYS DO THAT MAKES HER HAPPY: when I say special thing, it includes
Texting her every morning.
Text her before going to bed.
Putting love note inside her lunch box.
Waking her up with a kiss.
Washing her back in the bathroom etc.
You just have to stop this for the main time.
With all these, she don’t need a town crier to announce to her that you are very sadden with her. She don’t even need a prophet to convince her to change. You might not know how your previous attitude affected her. After making peace, give her sometime; she will explain the hell she went through while ignoring her. The speed of her complying, will make you know that it work.
Above all PRAYER is the most powerful weapon you need in this case. Pray for her to be what you want her to be and you try to work on yourself as well. With all these, you will never think of beating your woman.
N/B: Stop comparing your woman to other women out there, no woman is perfect. Every woman has its own strength and weakness, it’s not written on the face. She deserve to be treated as a queen. Why not treat her as a QUEEN and watch her worship you as a KING.



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