Cheating: When a man or woman is being emotionally, sexually, romantically or domestically unfaithful is called cheating,

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When you step on another person’s toes to obtain unfair advantages to the detriment of another person is cheating.

The focus of cheating on this article is on marriage:  Marriage is a legal contract between two individuals that unites their lives legally, economically and emotionally.  Couples have legal obligations to each other throughout their lives or until they decide to divorce.

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One person cannot and will not enter into marriage, it takes two to tangle.

Before you decide to enter into marriage; you must ask yourself some questions and to know if you are ready for it.

  • Do I really love this person?
  • Do I trust him or her, have I known him on a deeper level?
  • Are my ready to make some critical sacrifices?
  • Is it possible for me to bend my ‘will’ in other to accommodate my partner?
  • Can I tolerate him or her? Knowing fully well that it will be a product of two different background where character differs.

Marriage is for the mature mind (is not dating).  Marriage is a school of thought, where two individuals are coming to blend together, at times they agree, another time they disagree or disagree to agree. No matter how you see marriage, don’t partake in the dance of the dead without finding out from which shrine the dance is echoing from; if there is no compatibility, just run.

Therefore, after the trust, love, respect and absence of competition and resentment which two people are sworn into in the name of marriage, why do married people cheat? Women cheat too but are not obvious.




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Cheating characteristics in men is like a house shrew that has an inherent smelling nature, with a long mouth.

But some factors are stimulant to their cheating nature.

  • Men unlimited quest for women: No man born of a woman can have sex with only one woman; but is good to hear too that based on some research being carried out ‘on why men cheat” you can get like 5% who are exceptional men, what I mean is that; this 5% is mainly servants of the highest God ‘who are dead to the things of the world, they are rare, i.e. Monks, Every guy wants to have sex with other women; their sexual organ is outside and when the opportunity arises, he takes it.
  • Distance relationships: When a man lived far from his wife; he definitely get sexual satisfaction from other women.

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I.e. The trend now is ‘baby Mama; One man is ready to have three kids from different women and yet being legally married

A man whose work, for example, forces him to travel around the globe in the name of transfer will yield to the lust of having sex with different women hence men believe that their body is not firewood.

  • Sex therapy: You may be surprised but is through; man ones told me that sex is a physical exercise that reduces stress from men and it should be done at least twice a day; why will men think that women are a bunch of firewood? And when they don’t get sex therapy as they want from their wife, they will move out to get it from professional sex escorts who are good at given sexual stress therapist to men.
  • Insecurity: Most a time, men feel as if he is too old (or too young) not handsome enough, not rich enough, not smart enough etc. An astonishing amount of men cheating is linked at least in part, to mild life crises. To bolster his flagging ego, he seeks validation from women other than his wife using this extracurricular spark of interest to feel wanted, desired and worthy.
  • I want to quit: When a man wants to commit an atrocity, watch him; ‘he will keep to himself, Men most times do not open up to tell a woman “I am tired of this marriage. I want to quite” Instead of telling his partner that he’s unhappy and that he wants to break off. He starts cheating openly, they even bring women inside their matrimonial bed. If you are a woman, as soon as you notice this please run because in this you need not tell a deaf person that there is war.

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  • Childhood abuse: He may be responding to cues arising from unresolved childhood trauma, neglect, emotional abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse etc. In such cases, his childhood wounds have created attachment and intimacy issues that have left him unable or unwilling to fully commit to one person, it can only be a way to self soothe the pain of that old wounded heart.
  • Uniqueness: Men thinks that they are special; they cannot compete with women. (They usually say ‘I married her with my money and therefore she is under me). Men believe that they own the world and that women are just coming from within. And therefore he’s free to reward himself outside his primary relationships whenever he wants.


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  • Romance: Men thinks they are in control of everything. I.e. In African culture, if a woman is so radical about sex the husband will frown for such behaviour, and in another vein, if women do not satisfy his sexual desires is a problem, What African men practice with women is what I may call “sex in bondage; If a man, therefore, feel that his partner should meet his every whim of his sexual desire 24/7 regardless of how she feels at any given time, he’s outside already. I don’t even know what men think of women, or does it mean that with the level of globalization we are into that they can’t learn. Even till tomorrow, there are a lot of men who still have sex with their wives when they are seeing their flow forgetting the fact that at this period that women are unwell. They only want to drip in and out.

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  • Revenge: If a quarrel ensued between a man and a woman, because of the ego in men, they cannot admit their mistakes, rather they would want to hurt their wife’s feelings, Most times you will see them in an open place holding hands with side chicks, laughing.


Let’s call a spade a spade, men are gregarious in nature, cheating their wives is the birthright, they have internalized cheating as an integral part of their life, But to be candid, there are some men who are saints and that can control themselves but they are few,

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But some men do cheat when they find out that their wife is becoming irrelevant in their matrimonial home.  Why will a woman be loose in moral, social and marital life, Some women do cheat also, I don’t see any reason why a woman should compete with a man, The bible in the book of Genesis chapter 2vs 29, “you should help this man to wake up.”

Why will childbearing make a woman to lose her shape?, I have seen women who has lost it as a result of one-time childbearing, men have a problem with their eyes ., keep yourself in a good shape, cook good food for him, mostly dress sexy and be neat, be careful the way you respond to his questions knowing fully well that they are the head of the family, talk to him in a romantic way, appreciate him even when he’s wrong, correct his mistakes politely with love and a little pet,  satisfy him sexually and make him see reasons why you don’t need his touch for a particular time with your voice so milky, seal all these with prayers and he will run to your hands,

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But Men; you can be better than you are, everything inside the skirt is the same it depends on how you handle it. Most women who maintain their shape after childbearing do have a gym in their house, have you considered buying one for her?  Do you take her out some times to pick some toiletries? Do you give her extra money or does she begs from her husband always? Have you tried to re-socialize her to your test and she refuses? Stick to your wife with love and stay away from all these small semi demon girls, remember, if you sleep with 12 different women outside your marriage, you’re already having 12 small witches attached to your blood. Come out of the shell and be wise.

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