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Your true love is that person that makes your heart feels at home. True love is unconditional, reassuring and secure. It may not be perfect but it completes you. True love is patient, understanding, caring and fulfilling.

True love is not always rosy and sweet it comes with difficult times and challenging moments but it takes forgiveness and patience to conquer during these challenging moments.

How do I find my true love?

  • Find out what you really want in a partner: know what you want in a partner you may write it down or just have it in mind, this helps you assess what kind of partner that will suit you. It is important to note that you may not find all the qualities you want in one man because no one is perfect. You set a standard for it to help you gather the lessons learnt from past relationships. If you have not been in a relationship before you can use your experiences in dealing with your family or friends of the opposite sex to set your standards.
  • Start praying about the kind of partner you want:

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God is the greatest writer of all love stories. It is important to talk to God about who you want your partner to be and the kind of attitudes you want him/her to possess. Prayers can help a great deal in finding true love.

  • Make yourself attractive and presentable: Making yourself presentable can make it easier for your true love to find you. So, you have to look and smell clean. Accentuate your assets or the best parts of your body or face then be creative in accepting and improving your flaws instead of hiding them.

  • Make new friends and acquaintances: You get a higher chance of meeting your true love when you constantly meet new people. That is why you need to be more sociable if you are staying at home type. Attend parties hosted by your company or organization. Hang out with your friends as often as possible, join clubs or organizations as well.
  • Be with the right company: Being at the right place and with the right kind of people will help you meet the right person you want. Therefore, you should be wise in choosing your circle of friends because their environment determines the persons that surround them.
  • Don’t focus on only physical appearance: Do not base your love on how good looking a person is, being beautiful or handsome is just a bonus. Look for a person whom you can be comfortable and secure sharing life with. Personality, character and values should be the primary base of finding true love.

  • Find someone whose personality complements yours: It is best if your partner has a personality that matches yours thereby making it balanced. When partners have personality traits that complement each other it will be difficult to get separated.
  • Do not let your emotions cloud your decisions: True love is beyond feelings, do not immediately decide to accept a person into your life. Be reasonable when accepting or agreeing to opinions and suggestions you are not comfortable with. Be free to object to ideas you do not like, be yourself and reveal you are true self.
  • Let love find you: In all let love find you do not try too hard in finding true love. The above ways can only help you find the right person but there is no formula that creates true love. Love sometimes happens beyond human effort and will surely last if handled very well.

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