Ihenagaram Abigail C.

Of a truth, nothing in this life is worth fighting for not even your life.  Your strength will one day fail you. Your beauty will one day fail you, your money will one day fail you. Your certificate will one day fail you. Even your own family will one day fail you.

Your salary is someone’s pocket money. The phone, car, house and lot more you are dreaming to have is already someone’s abandon property. Your favourite food is someone’s worst food. That thing you have and you don’t even value, someone else is dying to have it. Your best cloths, shoe is someone’s rag. Even prostitutes were once a virgin. What you love in a person is what another hate in that person. That stingy partner of yours is someone’s ATM.

 There is nothing, I mean nothing you have achieve that no one else has never gotten. There is no road you are treading on that someone else have not tread on. So what’s the fight all about?

That you are occupying a high respectable position does not gives you enough reasons to treat your subordinate bad. That you are a doctor doesn’t mean you will never be sick. That you are married today does not gives you the assurance that you will give birth so stop looking down on singles. That you even give birth to children is not enough reason to laugh at barren women. If Sarah in the Bible can still give birth at the age of 90 then, there is nothing impossible for God. If Good luck Jonathan former president of Nigeria, could become our president despise his family background and lot more, then you are not excluded. If a bird can fly why can’t others.

Be careful of your ego when you are at the top because people contributed to your success, you didn’t get there all by yourself. Don’t cause problem for people because if you do, they will become your very problem one day so do good at all time. What you do today will tell how your tomorrow will look like.  

We are all naked to death. Have you ever think, what will happen to all you are dragging if you die today. That land, car, house, certificate and lot more you have while on earth, once you are dead, you can never have access to it again. Life is too short make the best out of it.

You are a solution to someone’s problem, you need someone and someone needs you


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