Ihenagaram Abigail c.

I know, life does not give us what we wish for, rather life gives us what we work for. This should always be at the back of our mind.

Are you frustrated, and you think you can never make it? Are you even impugning your parents for keeping you in this situation? Pointing fingers on people for not making it in life, is an error. No body, I mean no body is responsible for your failure. If you fail that’s because you choose to fail, if you succeed that’s because you choose to succeed.

The question still remain if your parents could not or did not help you, or even people around you did not help you, “what have you done to help yourself?” You don’t leave your future to be determined by mere human beings. This is your life, whatever happens, you alone will feel the pains. What about your children or your unborn children? Have you ever asked yourself what kind of family you will raise? Will you tell your children, that your father did not train you?

Everyone must not go to school, going to school is not a guarantee to be successful so change your mind set. If couldn’t afford enough money to further your education, why not look for hand work. Most successful people nowadays are people with handwork.

 If your parent are poor, why not be rich, if you were not born with a silver spoon, why not give your children or unborn children the opportunity to experience how it feels to be born with a silver spoon.

Don’t just have a dream, work towards achieving your dreams, you can be that person you have always dream to be. Always learn to consult God in all you do.

Don’t let your children or unborn children regret ever having you as a Father or Mother.        



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