For what is by all accounts typical for a great number of people who commend their birthday events consistently, some who are conceived on Feb. 29, consider it to be extraordinary as they find a workable pace at regular intervals.

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News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that a leap year happens once at regular intervals, which has 366 days.  A leap year is a schedule year that contains an extra day added to keep the schedule year synchronized with the galactic year or regular year.

The Gregorian schedule, which currently fills in as the standard schedule for common use all through the world, has both basic years and leap years.  A few people who addressed NAN in Jos on Saturday and are praising their infrequent birthday celebrations and births depicted the day as ‘exceptionally extraordinary’.

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Mrs Chizitere Okwor, a Media Content Developer, said being conceived on Feb. 29 was exceptional and ‘upsetting’. “Having being conceived on February 29 appear to be exceptional in light of the fact that that date doesn’t happen in each schedule year, so I consider it to be extraordinary.

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“However, throughout the years, I have needed to manage the pressure of being a jump year/day conceived. For example, when I am doing an online enrollment on a year that isn’t a jump year and information 29th February, it now and then return as blunder. “Facebook too used to even consider being truly confounded on which day to pick as my birthday on years that are not jump year, so I think they simply chose to allow me two days to commend, 28th and first of March.


“Once when I was in the University, year one to be exact, I had not many companions come over for a little gala to check my day, luckily, they joined pleasant blessings and excellent cards. “Until my flat mate chose to begin shouting, “it’s not her birthday, she lied, and it’s not her birthday.

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Okwor expressed that while such a significant number of individuals accepted she didn’t have a genuine birthday, she likewise have never additionally met a Birthday mate as a general rule, all things considered, feels exceptionally strange and winds up having to consistently shield her birthday to many.

Having a birthday once at regular intervals has its drawbacks, this was by Miriam Geyock, an inhabitant of Mangu Local Government Area of Plateau state.

“At the point when I’m filling in my date of birth on the web, I need to do it in reverse. You need to discover the year on the dropdown menu before the day, in any case 29 February won’t show up,” “However, other than that, it’s not so much irritating. I truly appreciate praising it with a couple of individuals around the globe, that is the most exceptional piece of it for me, I’m much the same as the Queen’, she says.

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Be that as it may, Matthew Dimlong, said he didn’t have any issue having his birthday on February 28 or 29, including that being alive made a difference most than having a real birth date. A mother, Mrs Esther Izam on her part, said that she denotes her child’s introduction to the world on Feb. 28 and March 1, having brought forth her child in 2001 which was not a jump year.

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Izam said that she trusted her youngster showed up a day sooner so she would not need to manage the disarray that accompanied leap year birthday celebrations. “I had would have liked to bring forth my kid on Feb. 28 when I started giving birth on that day, however the minute my child was conceived on Feb. 29, 2001, I quickly had each expectation to praise future birthday events on both 28 February and 1 March.

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“So we find a good pace on the 28th and March 1, I consider him to be my extraordinary kid additionally on the grounds that he is the last youngster in the house,” she said. (NAN).



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