VOTE MUHAMADU BUHARI AS PRESIDENT… – His Majesty Eze Evangelist Jude U. Mbamara


By Nkem Paul, Maryann Alaneme, Eugenia Ogbonna and Williams Florence

On Wednesday the 13th of February 2019, the team of editors and senior reporters visited the Palace of his Royal Majesty Eze Ozurumba X of Obibi Ochasi Ancient Kingdom, the City of David- His Majesty Eze Evangelist Jude U. Mbamara for a press interview.
Sir, may we meet you officially?
My name is, His Royal Majesty Eze Evangelist Jude U. Mbamara. I hail from Umuomedi, I am the paramount ruler of Obibi Ochasi Ancient Kingdom, the City of David, the first son of my family. I ascended to the throne on 18th May, 2003 and was officially coronated as Eze Ugochimere, Obiozurumba X by the Obis of Obibi Ochasi Ancient kingdom, on 1st of September 2003. Obibi Ochasi is an Ancient Kingdom which started since 1845 according to history, so it’s known everywhere in Africa as City of David and is as ancient as Benin Kingdom. About 8years ago the Lord revealed to me that the Ancient Kingdom is going to be called the City of David and since then, it is called the City of David. I am the 10th on the throne, my father the 9th and he was 75years old during the Nigerian Biafra civil war. My grand father ruled for 39years and died at the age of 105years. The great grandfather by name Okorie ruled for 48years and died at the age of 94years.
Obibi Ochasi Ancient Kingdom is the longest dynasty in Africa. A man according to history called Ochasi by name is a great warrior. The throne started 16th century ago and has 7 Kingdom comprises of 7 villages. I started from January 14th and has been on the throne for 16years now. It is a custom in the land that every successor or heir to the apparent throne will slaughter 15 cows for the burial of the departed royalty which I duely fulfilled before I ascended the throne as the Obiozurumba X with the title: “Eze Ugo Chimere”, God gave me the name. My father answered Eze Igwe and I know that Eze Igwe belongs to God Almighty that is why I chose to answer Eze Ugo Chimere.
I am a member of Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship.
His Majesty, what are your achievements since your coronation as the Eze of your community?
I have achieved a lot since my coronation. The people of my community have gained a lot from me. I did my best in social amenities such as restructured some classroom in some schools, attracted hospital projects, Faith Tabernacle Medical Eye Care Centre and opened pipe borne water for the community. I care for orphans, children and host widows every Christmas, cook rice, eat, dance and celebrate with them with some Nollywood actors and actresses. I hold crusade in my community every year and also stopped the idol worshipping which existed before my coronation.

His majesty, what is your administration doing to promote Igbo Culture?
As long as I am concerned, Igbo culture must be promoted as one of my duties as the king. When I ascended the throne, I applied what is called information in reshaping the culture by stopping the idol worship, the masquerade and other forms of fetish practice in the land. My major aim in promoting our culture is to correct the ills of the young ones and call them to order and make sure they are respectful to elders and well disciplined.
Every community has their cultural festival, may we know the one celebrated in your community?
We have a cultural festival known as “Iriji”. This cultural festival started in the year 1845. This cultural festival, “Iriji” is all about New Year festival. It is done, when new yam is harvested. We celebrate our Iriji (New yam) festival on August every year 2018. This year will be on 30th August, 2019.
His majesty, what is your perception on this present administration of Governor Owelle Rochas Okorocha?
The present government tried so far but as humans, mistakes must be done. The paying of pension has been the problem in the state as some pensioners are receiving pensions while still working in some organizations. With this, the situation become badly in the state whereby there is reduction of fund.
His majesty, are there any challenges you are facing as the number one citizen of your community?
The issue of truth, bribery and corruption are my challenges which I encountered in my community which gave me a nick name “Pastor King”. The challenges I face is that people do not really believe in truth or true judgement rather than corruption and bribery. People really want me to deviate from my true and good works, all because I say the ultimate truth.
His majesty, what is your take on the clamour of restructuring by various ethnic group in the country?
Our country needs equity and fairness. Everything in this country should be equal without emphasizing on tribe as the problem. We should be one as “One Nigeria”. Ethnic group should not be the problem and segregation rather love of God should reign in the midst of Nigerians.
His majesty, Obi Ozurumba the 10th, low crime rate is recorded in your community, what is the secret behind it sir?
Our youths are educated and are being well coordinated by the community youth leader. We also have a security force, the Imo security network that are being taking care of by the state government, Governor Rochas Anayo Okorocha. Nevertheless, Almighty God is the ultimate in securing His people.
What is your advice to your people in this period of economic hardship?
My advice to the people of my community as well as the citizens of Imo State is that they should persevere, soonest everything will be alright. Prayer will be the ultimate key to every problem we encounter in life. Economic meltdown will soon be over and victory shall be ours.
Who do you advice Imo citizens to vote during the presidential and governorship election?
By my prayers, I would want President Muhamadu Buhari back on seat as the president of this country; come 2019 election. I am advising the people of Nigeria to vote Muhamadu Buhari as the president. As regards to governorship, it is possible that the big names you are hearing now may not come on board. You will be surprise that what happen during the time of Sir Ikedi Ohakim who emerge from nowhere with an unpopular party became the governor of Imo State may repeat itself again. Let those who want peace go for peace and Nigerians should vote personality not party.

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