Hon. commissioner for agriclture

update: We are advising farmers to go into the farm because that is the only place you can maintain social distance- says by Hon. Commissioner for agriculture,Chief Dr. Lambert Orisakwe

Nobody will find it difficult to go into farming because of COVID-19. In COVID-19, we are advising farmers to go into the farm because that is the only place you will maintain social distance.

if you are holding your machete and I am holding mine, clearing the bush, I will not tell you to stay apart because if you come close you might get yourself in trouble, so that particular period is the period those who understand what farming is all about should be in the farm and work together. You don’t need to sit together, lie together, you don’t need to embrace yourself or kiss yourself; you have to work in the farm and within that period we made several announcements,

and we gave palliatives that were related to agriculture. That was why even the Honorable minister visited IMO State purposely to distribute agricultural palliatives representing the south-east zone. The Governor has done a lot in making sure that the citizens of Imo state gain a lot in the distribution of agricultural palliatives,

which involves distribution of improved varieties of crops like cocoa, yam, new varieties of potatoes, rice and so many others distributed to the farmers encouraging them to go to farm.

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