peace and unity in Imo State Apc


The meeting which commenced about 10am at Telly Hotel along  Okigwe Road, Owerri. The opening prayer and kola presentation was moderated by one Mr. Issac, an APC faithful.


Prince clement onyeli who moderated as the chairman of the meeting pleaded to the party members for being behind the schedule

peace and unity in imo state
peace and unity in imo state

In his opening remark, he appreciated the presence of all attendees and had informed them that the cardinal reason for the summoning was to end any form of party fraction of APC in IMO State.

According to Mr. Chairman,  the essence of calling for the meeting was to inform all that “we do not want fractional APC in IMO State”. I am from IMO state and am aware of what is happening in Edo and some other places regarding of fictionalization of our great party, hence we cannot allow such to take place in our dear State because the patry caused us more than enough to build “.

Mr. Chairman also informed the members of their collective efforts to build the party in the State because their individual leadership qualities are highly needed.


He reminded the members on how the party was built deriving Senator Okorocha’s administration as the executive Governor of him State without any facilitators receiving a dime for their great efforts.

According to Mr. Chairman, ever since APC became a household name in IMO State, a lot of people who were not part of the grassroots have gained a lot from the party, leaving some of those who fourth for its existence in the State very empty. ” we are not going to allow IMO APC to be destroyed, that will not happen !”. He sounded as a warning.  He reminded the members that ” nobody would build a beautiful edifice and yet goes back to destroy same building. ” according to him, no man in his right senses would ever think towards such directions .


He therefore sounded it as a note of warning to any body who wish to destroy the party in IMO State that it is better to turn a new leaf, otherwise he or she would definitely meet with a hard rock. He therefore informed the members to tell anyone who they know that is kicking against the party to have a repentant mind before it becomes too late for them.

He reminded the members that the APC National Bodies would not take it easy from any body who will bring division in APC here in IMO State.

In his closing remarks, he appreciated the presence of all attendees who had squeezed out time from their tight engagement to register their presence in the meeting.  He had implored the almighty God in His benevolence to bless them.

In a contribution after the chairman’s closing remarks, Rev. Ambassador Raphael Egeonu thanked the chairman for a well spoken address and assured him of their great support to build the party in IMO State. According to Amb. Raphael, “there will be no fractional APC in IMO State . He was in the opinion that those who have come to destroy IMO APC could be mercenaries who are sponsored by opposition parties.



finally, in a similar view other members of the party faithfully made their individuals contributions as regard how the party would be consolidated in unison. They are of the opinion that the party will be more stronger in unity than in division.

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