Hon. commissioner for agriculture

update: Not only I am the commissioner for agriculture, I am also an agriculturist- says by Hon. commissioner for agriculture,Chief Dr. Lambert Orisakwe.

 Not only I am the commissioner for agriculture, I am also an agriculturist. I studied agriculture from NCE, 1st Degree, masters and PhD. I did my PhD in Agric. Extension, so anything as regards to agriculture has been my own advice to the people and to the youths. If an agriculturist can be a commissioner for agriculture, then it is not a dirty job.

On the day the minister visited our state, my attire was complete white, I dressed that way to let the youths know that agriculture is not a dirty job. If you look to the foreign countries, the richest people in Europe are the agriculturists. This is what we should let our young ones know and emulate, that the best thing for us to do is to go into agriculture. We have different sections in agriculture. One can participate in crop productions, livestock such as poultry, piggery etc. Therefore this does not mean that when you are an agriculturist, you go to the farm and lie down there and mixed with sand.

These things are being organized in a way that is why our Governor wants to move into it to educate our people to make them understand that agriculture is even more important and more lucrative than the crude oil business where our people have been killing their selves. For instance, a liter of palm oil is sold at #300 which is more expensive that a liter of fuel. Therefore if youths actually understand these facts and move into agriculture especially now, they will do better and the Governor has promised to mechanize agriculture in our state. He has negotiated with the captains in agricultural industry to bring in equipment for mechanize agriculture.

In my earlier statement, I had stated that we cannot have food security if we still depend on cutlass and hoes as our implements for food production. If we must move a step forward in having abundances of food production then we must step into mechanized agriculture that is where we are now.  Therefore my advice to our people is that they should see agriculture as the best means for livelihood.

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