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The Nigerian Government has said there is no acceptable circumstance under which Nigerians in China can be racially discriminated against. 

The Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs, H.E. Geoffrey Onyeama on Thursday 23rd April, 2020, disclosed the government’s stand while speaking in response to questions about Nigerians in the UK being charged £350 to test for #COVID19, the evacuation process after 4weeks of preparation and update on the alleged maltreatment of Nigerians in China.

Mr Onyeama said, “We’ve made it unequivocally clear to the Chinese Government that under no circumstances will we accept racial discrimination of Nigerians and Africans in China.

“That is a red line for us because we showed China real solidarity in not placing a ban on China during the early outbreak of the pandemic in Wuhan. But of course, the Government of China has given us explanations that no such thing will occur any more.

“We are also engaging with other African countries on a common response. We are extremely disappointed such a thing could happen, because we have excellent relations with the people and Government of China.

“We will also pursue robustly, compensation and damages for every documented case. We will pursue this case to the very end irrespective of whatever economic cooperation that we have with China.

“Because, in the world of today, we absolutely will not and cannot tolerate and accept any form of racism or discrimination against blacks or Africans.

“As the World’s largest black nation, it behoves on us to defend the dignity of blacks and Africans anywhere in the world.”

The minister noted that an announcement has been made on accessing how many Nigerians in various countries want to come home, pointing out that all communication should be with the High Commission or Embassy.

He stressed that at no time did any directive emanate from the UK High Commission or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that Nigerians should take any test.

In a statement on the Foreign Affairs’ website, a procedure list for evacuation was given.

“The various stages on the evacuation Process for Nigerians abroad are:

* Collation of names

* Travel Logistics: Negotiation with airlines

* Preparing & identifying isolation centres for mandatory quarantine

* Various other approvals ongoing”

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