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Hello Everyone, My name is Amaechi Chukwuma (a.k.a Smartchuks). Welcome to the maiden edition of SHARING LIFE EXPERIENCES/REALITIES WITH SMARTCHUKS, where I’ll be sharing with you the intricacy of Life as we see it today, based on my observation of Events happening in our World and from my own point of view and experiences.
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This is a true-life story of Morgana, a young pretty girl. Morgana was tender of age when her parents left her to the underworld. She was raised up by her wicked step mum. Morgana had to struggle to survive by hawking popcorn and groundnuts in the streets and market place to make ends meet.

One fateful day, she went to hawk in the expressway when it started to rain heavily. She was beaten and soaked in the rain until she became so cold. Unfortunately, the rain did not stop falling but lasted till evening time. At about 6:45 pm, while everyone was rushing to catch the last bus leading to her home, she couldn’t join the queue since she had not made any sales throughout that day.

Knowing fully well the level of maltreatment she would receive from her stepmom if she does not return with any penny, Morgana decided that she would sell something reasonable even if the dark night catches up with her.

At about 7:30 pm, she was lucky to have eventually sold some of her products and decided it was time to return home. She stood at a junction awaiting any available commercial ride to her house. While she was waiting patiently, a tricycle driver passed by and begged her to assist him with a change of five hundred nairas to give his passengers. Meanwhile, that is all she had sold for that day.

After making a change for him, she was left with a single five hundred naira note. Unknown to her, the money was a fake note. She only discovered that it was fake when she was about to pay a taxi driver to take her home. But it was already late since the Tricycle man had driven far away. Any taxi she stops says the same thing as her fake note. Finally, it was getting very late and since no one would collect her fake note, she decided to trek across the town to her little village settlement.

While she was a long distance away from passersby, some group of street boys attacked, molested and ganged rape her till she fainted. She was left helpless to die in the cold. When she finally woke up, she felt traumatic and devastated. As she kept pondering over her situation, Her next plan of action was to commit suicide because to her, life isn’t worth living knowing that her stepmom was getting ready to descend heavily on her no matter her good excuses. Also, she had lost her virginity.

If you were to be in her shoes, what will be your next call of action?

To be continued this weekend…

Read the continuation here

Chukwuma Amaechi
A Certified Senior Editor/Creative Writer @Evergreennewsonline Media, Graphic Designer, Chemical Engineer, & a Radical Entrepreneur



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