TRUE LIFE STORIES-The Story of Morgana (Cont’d).


Several wicked thoughts ran through Morgana’s innocent mind as she contemplated how best to take her life. She made up her mind to jump into a river to be drowned by it. But after much struggles between her and the wicked thoughts, she decided to reconsider her plans. Her conscience ministered to her in a still small voice, reminding her that she is the only child of her parent and how her parent’s legacy will be wiped off if she accepts to take her life.

Finally, Morgana succumbed to her conscience and obeyed the voice to give herself a second chance. Fortunately, a stranger, Lady Juliana by name, was driving by. Lady Juliana noticed Morgana while she was crying and trekking a long distance. She had compassion for Morgana and offered her a lift. While on transit, Lady Juliana enquired of the crying girl and why she was all alone in the open. Morgana then narrated all she had gone through in the hands of the gang who molested her, as well as what awaits her, whenever she returns home to her step mum. In fact, Morgana told Madam Juliana that she was never planning to return home again because she would rather sleep in the open than return to her wicked step mum. Lady Juliana then asked Morgana to come over and stay at her house, which she accepted without further ado.  Meanwhile, Lady Juliana was a very wealthy widow but had no offspring. Therefore she gladly took Morgana in as a daughter and provided for all her needs. When she discovered that Morgana was intelligent and had a promising future, she enrolled her in secondary school. Morgana perfumed excellently in her final exams and this earned her a scholarship to study overseas. Before she traveled out of the country, she was advised by Lady Juliana to pay a surprise visit to her step mum in the village. When they arrived at her village settlement, they met the step mum on her dying bed. The step mum later confessed that she was the one that killed Morgana’s Dad and Mom through poisoning. This she did out of jealousy because she couldn’t bear her own children having destroyed her womb through abortion when she was still a teenage prostitute. Therefore she often gets angry whenever Morgana’s Dad was showering gifts on Morgana’s Mom for giving him a daughter.

After confessing, she asked for forgiveness from Morgana and asked Lady Juliana to help plead to Morgana on her behalf. This was a difficult thing for Morgana to do but considering that her step mum may soon die, she forgave her. Not long afterward, the step mum gave up her Ghost.

Morgana later traveled overseas to pursue her future career. Upon graduation, she got a high paying job offer and this marked the beginning of many great fortunes. She settled down and was appointed an ambassador by her home country. She lived happily ever after.


If you’re facing rejection as a result of Betrayal or Loneliness as a result of the loss of a loved one, brace up, for Life must go on. Don’t wallow in self-pity or ugly memories. Some have become so disillusioned with life that they begin to hear strange voices telling them that Suicide now looks like the next best thing. In fact, if you are contemplating Suicide right now, bear in mind that it is a sure ticket to self-destruction and eternal regret because you never can tell what the future holds!!! They say you never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option you have. Till next time, don’t give up on yourself!!


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Chukwuma Amaechi
A Certified Senior Editor/Creative Writer @Evergreennewsonline Media, Graphic Designer, Chemical Engineer, & a Radical Entrepreneur



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