Tomorrow is pregnant-By Sussan Ogadimma


Once upon a time, there lived a boy called Promise, Promise is the son of Mr and Mrs Michael Onyegbulem. Mr Onyegbulem is a native of Umumbian, Aniocha Local Government Area in Anambra State.

Mr Onyegbulem got married to Mrs Christiana Onyegbulem in 1987. Both couples were able to bear four children, two boys and two girls which promise is the first child of the entire family. Their parents were very industrious farmers and well dedicated Christians. The two couples lived in harmony.  They made sure that they brought their children up in a Christian way.

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Although they were not rich but hardworking family, people always took advantage of them because of their poor background, a lot of community people mocked and laughed at them including his uncle who is very rich and wealthy but refused to assist this poor family financially.

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Mr Michael’s uncle lived in the United States of America (USA) together with his family. Whenever his Uncle comes back from Nigeria, he always calls his younger brother in Igbo language “Onyenzuzu” (Which means in English Stupid Person) are you still alive and be suffering from poverty, why can’t you deny your God and die, do you think that God is by your side to help you and your children?

The uncle continued, “Even quality schools your children cannot attend accept all these Public Schools that they do not have qualified teachers, then what proves that you are serving a living God? You are just deceiving yourself. You don’t know what you want in this life you came into.”

But despite all this mockery and let down Mr Michael and his family receive from people, he never loses hope on God, because all his belief was that one day it shall be well with them provided his God liveth.

Mr Michael was just like Job in the Holy Bible who strongly believe in God whether good or bad he is still in God’s hand.

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So one day, Promise the son of Mr Michael called his father and told him that he wants to become a businessman since there is no money to further his academic carrier, his father agreed and after every arrangement, Promise was sent to live with his Oga who is a motor dealer that lives in Lagos. So after several years as an apprentice, and as a humble and obedient servant, his Oga settled him and opened the same business for him.

The promise is now a multi-millionaire, he was able to carry his younger ones (siblings) along including his parents. He later trained them in the University and as well brought his parents to the city and established them. Then the entire family now become independent of their own in such a way that no one in the entire community will ever compete with them including his uncle who was so rich before but later become so poor.

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His uncle started begging them money which Mr and Mrs Michael did not even mind how he treated them when he was rich. They helped him including some community people.

Finally, after several years of Mr Onyegbulem and his lovely wife enjoyed on this earth, they gave up the ghost.

The lesson to everyone who is willing to read this story, “Never underrate people no matter the condition and also learn how to be generous to someone more especially the poor people, Always Know that tomorrow is pregnant to deliver what? No one knows. God is the master planner.

By: Oguegbe Sussan Ogadimma

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