When I was still a kid, my father would always tell me why it is good to study very hard and always keep good company. He normally back up his advice with a story, each time he advises me, he will end it up by telling me a story related to his advice.

   I could vividly recall a particular story he told me which made me more serious in my studies. The story was all about a girl who came from a very rich family, she never lacked anything in life, luckily for her, she was the only child of her parents, so the parents did all they could to make her happy.

 She used to be a very good girl, but all this changed when she got into the university .She started keeping bad friends, they taught her how to smoke, how to club and so many other things. She hardly go for lectures. She spends money unnecessarily and of course, she had a boyfriend. She loved him to the extent she told him all about their family, she pays his house rent and even feeds him.

 Most of the times when it was time for lectures, some good friends who call her for lectures but she will tell them that she is busy. After some peaceful years in school, without war, as for me, I would conclude that the faithful Monday morning was the Day of Judgment for her. It all began when one of her friends called her to come and watch the news of her father being arrested for drug trafficking , and that all she had has been destroyed, their houses were demolished, her father’s money that were still in the bank is now belonging to the Government. She went to her boyfriend for help but to her greatest surprise, the boy already has a fiancée, all her friends which thought her bad things left her because she no longer have money.

 Her good friends heard about what happened and came to console her that was when she learnt that “All that glitter is not gold”



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