Knowledge Increases Through Sharing:

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” ~Margaret Fuller

“Wisdom should not be like money, tied up and hidden.” ~Ghanaian Proverb.

The real value of knowledge lies not in the accumulation of it, but in letting others have access to it. By sharing your knowledge with others, you leave a legacy that will have a lasting impact in their lives. It is one sure way of investing in people’s lives by enlightening their hearts with adequate tools for personal development. Anything that has benefited you, can also be of benefit to others; whatsoever has made you wise can make others wise. Your proven formula for success is someone’s solution to life’s puzzles. Knowledge is the light that has the power to deliver one from the darkness of ignorance.

shared knowledge
shared knowledge

Let others always rejoice in your light. The sharing aspect of accumulating knowledge is what makes personal development a dire necessity. At one point or the other in our lives, what we know will be demanded and also tested. This is what becomes the defining difference. Those who are not able to answer to the demand of the expected knowledge eventually fail the test. A leader who fails to acquire enough knowledge will eventually fail his people when such a measure of knowledge is demanded; the student who doesn’t acquire sufficient knowledge will definitely fail the test when such a measure of knowledge is demanded. Tests and examinations are all about sharing the knowledge one have acquired (or is expected to have acquired). The market sphere demands knowledge from businessmen and women. Those with sufficient knowledge of what to do in business will eventually succeed. The challenges of life also demand knowledge from us. If challenges come your way, and you don’t have sufficient knowledge to overcome it, then it will impart you with the needed knowledge when you eventually overcome it. So, every challenge is actually a test of one’s knowledge. Those who fail the test are bound to continually repeat it until they acquire the needed knowledge to conquer it permanently. There are those that share their knowledge of weeping, disappointment & depression with the challenges of their lives but challenges give up once you mature to the point of having the required knowledge to match it. At this point, that particular challenge submits to you with the realization that you are now its master. Knowledge is power, indeed. Knowledge acquired is power realized but knowledge shared is power dualized. Knowledge sharing will always be demanded either willingly or unwillingly through circumstances/challenges. The wise are those who do their best to be prepared when such an occasion arises. They acquire the knowledge that transforms them before they are forced to.

shared knowledge
shared knowledge

One good thing about sharing knowledge is, the more you share, the more it comes back to you in greater measures. The more you share, the more you learn; the more you learn, the more you have to share. Your knowledge does not lose value when shared with others. It increases in value instead and as it increases, you also increase in wisdom. As you share, you will discover more hidden things and your knowledge ends up appreciating. Be a knowledge conduit and not a knowledge wall. Knowledge conduits allow knowledge to flow through them to others while knowledge walls keep what they know to themselves thereby blocking others access to it. Knowledge walls would rather die with their knowledge than share it with others but knowledge conduits make their lives a blessing to others by giving them the opportunity to light their ‘candles’ from their acquired knowledge.

Books and libraries are great sources of having access to shared knowledge. Let’s do our best to maximize them both by consuming the materials and sharing our reading experiences with others.

“Gaining knowledge is the first step to wisdom. Sharing it is the first step to humanity.” ~Unknown.


Chukwuma Amaechi
A Certified Senior Editor/Creative Writer @Evergreennewsonline Media, Graphic Designer, Chemical Engineer, & a Radical Entrepreneur



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