The Story of Medusa


The story of Medusa was one of the confusing greek mythology.

story of medusa greek mythology

at first medusa was the most beautify among three gongor sisters.

story of medusa greek mythology

she served the goddess Athena from her childhood stage to her adult age.

she had beautified hair and finely shaped fingers with lots of other perfect features, these unique features made people love her more.

and she was sometimes compared with her mistress the Goddess Athena. this made the Goddess Athena sometimes angry and jealous.

so one day pesidon the Gods of the rivers came to Athena for a brief discussion which later resulted in a little misunderstanding between them.

on there quarrel pesidon sow medusa and thought her as a possession he can take from the Goddess Athena.

This later came to reality, pesidon approached Medusa and forced himself through her, but before he got his way through her Medusa first ran to the Temple of Athena seeking refuge but the Goddess Athena kept silent.

after that pesidon left Medusa vulnerable and unprotected.

In those times they said the Gods took their mates as their possession.

So by right, Medusa now belongs to Poseidon.

this made Athena Angry.

Medusa crawled to Athena asking for forgiveness but she was not pardoned.

story of medusa greek mythology

Athena cursed Medusa with her hair full of venomous snake her fine shaped fingers were transformed to very sharp claws, no man could ever look directly to her her eyes, for any man that does this will be turned to rock instantly.

story of medusa greek mythology

This curse was too much for Medusa but there was nothing she can do to stop it, on the other hand, she had to live with it.

but again the features of her curse were power kings and warlords needed to defeat their enemies.

story of medusa greek mythology

So kings and warlords came looking for Medusa’s head but they all suffered one faith, they were all turned to stone.

story of medusa greek mythology

Persios the earthly son of Zeus fathered by Menaless and mothered Monlisao was charged with the quest to bring the head of Medusa’s head by his earthly father.

To do this he needed help from the Gods.

Hera gave him a pair of wings so he can fly up to Medusa,

Athena gave him a shield strong enough to block Medusa echo,

story of medusa greek mythology

Haides keeper of the underworld gave him a helmet that made him invisible from Medusa.

story of medusa greek mythology hades

then lastly Zeus gave him a sharp sword, sharp enough to cut the head of Medusa.

story of medusa greek mythology zeus

With these persios was ready for his quest.

story of medusa greek mythology

so persios went ahead a battled with Medusa and won.

story of medusa greek mythology fight

while persios sliced out the head of Medusa the creatures spring out of her body. one was Pegesis a wing horse the other was a Gaint.

Persios fly to Ethiopia and married the princess of Hema and they had two sons Carsios and Modesutus.

then he flew to his father’s land and turned his earthly father to stone when he discovered he was not treating his mother right.

then he flew to the heaves and gave the head of Medusa to the Goddess Athena.

and she placed it in a sheld.

today medusa’s headstands as a symbol of peace.



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