The Story of Arbigil



There lived a girl named Arbigil who stayed with her stepmother at the village. Arbigil hates everything about her village, sometimes she nurses the feelings of running away but the fund and means were not available.

Chronicles of Tasha

Arbigil sees Enugu as a primitive and local area which is not as developed as other cities. One day, Arbigil sat alone at the sitting room soliloquizing about her life, then her stepmother tapped her at the back and advised her that “where you live or stay doesn’t determine your future, it just needs time and patience”. She also concluded and said to Arbigil that “all that glitters are not gold”. Christmas was fast approaching and her relatives came back from Italy.

Chronicles of Tasha

Arbigil always looked at Jane who also came back from Italy and wanted to be like her, she admired her dressing, hairs, phones, and way of life. A day came, Arbigil approached Jane and said: “I will like to be like you and live your kind of life”. Jane laughed profusely foe a long time not until Arbigil tapped her and asked the reason for the laughter, Jane answered Arbigil and said: “all that glitters are not gold”. Arbigil never understood Jane’s statement and would always pressurize her daily to take her along back to Italy.

Chronicles of Tasha

After the festival periods were over, Arbigil and Jane travelled back to Italy. Travelling to Italy was the best thing that ever happened in my life were the words of Arbigil on the plane. Finally, they arrived in Italy, Arbigil was busy feeding her eyes with beautiful structures and places until she got to a small building in a big compound. Arbigil saw a big dog that was chained up everywhere she fidgeted a little. When she entered into a room she saw lots of beautiful girls who were almost naked. She turned to Jane and asked who they were but Jane only smiled and told her you will soon understand. Shortly she saw a white man dragging out a little girl and tiring her up with legs widely opened and a big dog released to sleep with her. Arbigil could not believe her eyes. Repeatedly this act was going on until she was the next and Jane turned to her and said that this is what she does for a living to get all those flashy and expensive things she admired.

Arbigil was dumbfounded and could not believe the outrageous explanation she heard from Jane. Arbigil cried profusely and said to herself “All that glitters is not gold”

Chronicles of Tasha



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