A church is a place or a holy building where we pour out our heart desires to God for his intervention. It is also where we praise, worship and serve Almighty God who is the creator of the whole universe. A church as we all know is called “A Holy place” and not a place of filthy acts or a playground for all sorts of immoral acts to be conducted.

In our societies today, people now see church as a place of social activities, where they can perform ungodly acts or immoral acts which does not in any way glorify the lord. Putting on indecent clothes, chatting with phones, False Allegation, adultery, fornication, killings, idol worshiping, pretence in worship to mention just a few, all in the church.

This issues are seen among the youths of today including the adults who should be the people directing the youths on the right path to follow.

The questions we should ask ourselves are “Are we really doing it right”?

“Is the act really taking us to heaven? “Are we obeying the instructions of God?

All these questions are what should always be our thoughts.

In the church, people are made to be the ones following the instructions and the rules, not going contrary to the rules of the church. Each church has its own “DOCTRINE”. Doctrine refers to the rules and activities of a particular church or denomination. What the members are expected to do that will lift the name of God. Each church or denomination divides its duties where we have the leaders or the head such as the (overseer, pastors, priest, Bishops, Deacons, Deaconess, Prophets etc), the church workers and the congregation.

All these people mentioned above help in the leadership, development and in the promotion of the church. Without people in the church, the church cannot stand on its own. The leaders in the church is made to lead by example not going against the church doctrine or will of God. We should now ask ourselves as those who are appointed to lead the church, “Are we truly leading the church to the right path? To those who they are leading, “Are we really following their right footsteps? “ Do we belong to God or Satan?

Jesus as we know showed a good and perfect example as the head. We his children must emulate from him and serve him in truth and with pure heart. We can never serve God with pretence because he watches all we do.

When all the rules of the church are obeyed, and truly observed, things will turn out to move according to our desires. Are you the leader? Lead well. Are you the follower? Follow the right path so that God’s blessings shall be abundant for us.

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