OGBONNA O. EUGENIA

Well I think that the major reason for numerous divorce we have today, is because we expect too much from the other. We want to know too much of the other and hide ours. We want to have the best from the other but contribute less or nothing. We are too full of ourselves that we don’t really value and appreciate the contribution and sacrifice of others. We see more of others fault and shortcomings, more than the strength and their desire to make us happy. We condemn the other because they are not what we want.  We want too much from people and that has kept us looking for something better, without even being good ourselves. We believe the lies and fakes things we see on social media, forgetting nobody would post their challenges, arguments, pain, and disappointments on all these social media. You are guilty also. Everybody’s life is on track and as far as social media is concerned they are the same.

Love the one you chose to marry, when difficulties comes seek for solution.

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