This is a story of a young lady called Ugomma of twenty- one [21] years old, from the village of Umuoke.  She is an orphan, whom her parents died because of a land dispute in the family. She grew in the hand of a stranger who picked her along the street when her uncle sent her out. Ugomma lives with Mr and Mrs   Chike and does everything in the house including that of outdoor works. Ugomma being an intelligent lady was denied to study into the higher institution. All these never made her have hatred on them. She moves on the street hawking so many things such as chin chin, Bons, doughnuts and other baked foods in order to help the family.

One day, she was moving on the street and met an old man called chief Ogbunze who couldn’t walk due to dislocation on his leg. She helped the man and took him to a nearby hospital where he was taken care of. The man was admitted for a week where he received all the treatment needed. During this period, Ugomma was taking good care of him including his food. When the man was discharged from the hospital, Ugomma followed him to his house and helped him with so many things he couldn’t do. This action of hers made the man interrogate her on certain issues. Ugomma on telling him her story, started shading tears because she remembered everything she has passed through in life. She briefly explained a few things she could, and when she couldn’t bear the pains she ran away from the house. The man rushed out immediately to meet her and urged her to come back to the house. The man was sad by her story and decided to help her in life. He asked her to mention any University of her choice that he will sponsor her. On hearing this, she fainted.


One faithful morning, chief Ogbunze took Ugomma to purchase a JAMB form and registered her for extra moral classes to enable her to read wide. He also bought so many things for her such as clothes, footwears, pieces of jewellery, phone, bags, human hairs, books etc. The man also rented an apartment for her which made Ugomma live comfortably without any stress. On the day of JAMB, Ugomma wrote very well which made her obtain a very good result and gain admission on Merit. Chief Ogbunze provided everything she needed in the school without any delay.

Ugomma became one of the best students in the University which made her popular in the school. All the lecturers in her faculty loved and cherish her due to her intelligence. In her final year, she did excellently well that made her come out with a good grade. After her NYSC, she got a good job and married as well. She never hated her fatherland, therefore she did necessary things for them such as building a nice house for them and pipe-borne water. Ugomma never forgot all those who helped her in one way or the other including those she stayed with. Ugomma never ceased to appreciate Chief Ogbunze because he is her source of Joy In life. With this, we know that “LIFE IS A MYSTERY”



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