Bishop Erimujor

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Question1: His Lordship, may we meet you again?

Answer: Thank you and welcome again. I am Bishop Innocent Erimujor, by His Grace the presiding minister of Healing the Nations Ministries International, the president of the champions’ forum international, the chairman of the Niger Delta Bishops and ministers forum and so many other. I am married and I have children.


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Question2: His Lordship, at 70 years of experience, it can only be God, what seems to be the secrets so far even though you look younger than your age.

Answer: Yes, as you said, by the Grace of God in a couple of days I will attain the age of 70, out of which I have served God as a Christian for 50 years, it’s all by his Grace just nothing more, nothing less. At the age of 17 I joined the Biafran military as a soldier and we fought for three years, and by the Grace of God as soon as that war was over I embraced Christ as my lord and saviour who now has enabled me to clock 70 years still looking young.

Question3: His Lordship, you have been on the frontrunner of Pentecostalism in the southeast and beyond, what were your accomplishment so far?

Bishop Erimujor
Bishop Erimujor

Answer: I did mention to you, I have actually from time to time say to myself, if no one applauds me I will applaud myself, so I am convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that I have paid my dues as a Pentecostal believer. I am the founding chairman of the Pentecostal fellowship of Nigeria in Imo state, that was about 40 years ago. Immediately after the inauguration of the PFN (Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria) in Lagos the national headquarters. The first state was Imo state to inaugurate the branch of the PFN two years after in 1987 when Imo, Abia and parts of Ebonyi were together. So another nickname I have is Mr. Pentecost, because I have taken the Pentecostal gospel to every nook and cranny, not only in Imo state but in Nigeria and beyond. Everything Pentecostal is in me and with the charisma that it carries I have been able to perform as a Pentecostal.

Question4: Less than four days from now you will mark 70 years of your birthday on earth, I believe you must have had certain challenging seasons and times. What were these challenges and how were you able to weather through those storms as an Eagle you are presumed to be?


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Answer: Every right thinking person must know that life without challenges can be boring, meaningless and fruitless. These are one of those ingredient that actually brings out the God nature in human being. Especially as a Christian when you are faced with such challenges then you begin to realize the energy and power of God inside of you. Sometime I lack the English expression to implore  in this, so I used the word “chinekedness”  that is, the DNA of God he put in the average human being to act and behave like him. In Genesis 1:28, the Bible says  that “God blessed them and God charged them to be fruitful and multiply, subdue the earth, dominate it. There is something in every human being which is deposited by God that enables you to come out of any challenge. That is what makes you to realize that God is and it is only through God’s ability that you can always win your battles. So it is the same God and my realization that he is in me, His nature is in me, what he does is what I should do and that is my secret.

Question5: His Lordship, how were you able to manage your home and God’s work simultaneously for these whole years without failing from your marital duties as the Head of the family, knowing fully well that a lot of God generals does not finish well to this effect?

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Answer: When I was growing up as a young Christian, especially as a young minister, the Holy Spirit told me exactly how I could combine my missionary activities and my family. First and foremost, He said to me ”remain married to one wife. Do not put your eyes out of her in search of any other person, including those in the church”. Then I was married to an Owerri girl.” Be married to Jesus and to your wife, then you can always have a peaceful family”. So when the kids began to come the grace was there; I had a policy I still have it, one day in a week I spend at home; I won’t fast nor pray. I stay home to be natural to keep spirituality a little bit somewhere and become a father and a husband.I  played with my kids especially when they were younger, but they are now grown ups. We do things that should warrant them know that I am their father and they are my children. So I have this grace and still have it to distinguish between a good family, Caring for them; making sure that whatever any member of the family requires is met and then the ministry. As far as I am concern it is family first, that is where according to you most people got it wrong, they think it is ministry first before family. No it is family first before ministry, because if your wife for whatever reason oppose your ministry because of your stupidity in doing what you are supposed to do, you are not going anywhere, but when you have the cooperation of your wife the heaven will not be your limit to achieving success in ministry.

Question 6: As a young handsome pastor, how were you able to manage young ladies in the church?

Answer: I put a kind of barrier, I am married to Jesus and I am married to that Owerri girl. So I have to remove my eyes, not that it was just simple and easy as that, they came but already I have made up my mind, I have prepared myself I know they will come. When they come, I usually know, I dealt with them just the way they should be dealt with. I never gave room or any chance because I know what the devil can do.  Most of the times it is my wife that took care of the problems of women.

Question 7 what is your assessment of today’s church, compared to your early days in the ministry and what are your admonitions?

Answer: Yes its simple. It depends on motive, the bastardization of the ministry is prevailing today as a result of people who are not actually called by God, they took to the Gospel ministry as a vocation or an occupation to make money and that is why we are seeing all the corruption everywhere in the ministry. People who are not called, Jesus told us in John 15:16: he says “you did not call me but I choose you, ordained you and sent you forth to bear fruit and that your fruit remain”, that sent forth to produce, to bear fruit simply means to succeed. That is why I tell myself and tell others who care to listen to me that God does not disgrace his anointed at any given time. Most times we disgrace our selves, by the time we do, we cry for help. The truth remains that whoever God calls he keeps you for the work and empower you with grace.He will anoint you with wisdom and everything that it takes to represent him anywhere at any given time. What we see today is as a result of those who entered into the gospel business just as a last resort.  Most of them feel disappointed, so when they enter it eventually, and see the through nature of it, they start looking for means to remain in it . That is why we see people today who go to various places just to obtain power and put marks on their tongue so that people will believe in what they say. I refer to those people as new age prophets. They do whatever just to succeed. Sometime ago, I had an experience. I traveled to the United States of America, it was not Gods time for me to do that, I had to force myself. when I got there, I got stranded. In my room I cried to God for forgiveness and at the end, God spoke to me and said, “Son it is not about people working for me, 90% of those who work for me will end up in hell fire. There is a difference between working for me and working with me”. Working for God you apply any means you can cheat, fight you can engage in anything just to declare you are working for God. So everybody are claiming they are working for God but have so many skeletons in their cupboard. They use all kind of means to make it work but the average person who is called by God knows that he must depend on the direction of the Holy Spirit. I was warned from the beginning that I should not imitate and compete, just be focus I will lead you there. I did not attend any secondary school, but I have earned degrees, I read in my house, I cleared my G.C.E. and got my bachelors degree. I have two doctorate degrees today. I spoke in a university convocation at the United States of America, I was invited as a speaker, after speaking, and the president of the university came forth and said “that was very wonderful, can you tell me your ”Alma mater” ? I used wisdom because I did not want to tell him I did not attend university. I also spoke in Cameroon, the Vice Chancellor of the institution also came and said “you have a very rich vocab, but it was the Holy Ghost that prepared me and led me through and taught me, and he is still teaching me in his humble way and I follow him. I can attend a lecture by a Ten year old person, what I want is something I will get and add to what I have and move forward. But most of these young men do not know that, all they want is get it today and die tomorrow; and that has so much corrupted the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. But one thing I know is that the Lord is still in control, he said “I will build my church and the gate of hell shall not prevail”. So I know that with time the Lord will recover his church. There are still true men of God but we stand as a remnant, but in the next couple of years, we shall blossom and take over the church. I have a consolation that God has never and will never abandon his church.


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Question8: Sir, I think the bible says that when the apostles were to choose after Judas betrayed Jesus, two apostles wanted to be used to replace Judas they prayed before they were able to have the power of choice of either of the two which made them to choose Mathias in replacement of Judas. But why is it today, when people are chosen , most times considering what is happening in the church, is it that the Christians do not pray, before choosing the pastors to mount the pulpit?

Answer: It is part of the corruption we are talking about today. what obtains in most of the churches is politics and ethnicity, where does it come from? If you look most of these institutional churches you find out that if the leader is a Yoruba man, eventually every appointments will go to Yoruba’s. No more giving the Holy Spirit chance to choose who he wants. Bribery going on, some go to the extent of killing, elimination of their opponents so that they can occupy their positions. The Holy Spirit has been silent because it is now men doing their things, but like I said, a time is coming when the Lord will take care.

Question9: As the presiding Bishop of Healing the National Ministries Inc. AKA Liberty Cathedral, what is your birthday wishes and desires from God to our dear state and nation?


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Answer: Oh my God! Its part of what we have been saying. My prayer is that one day, the story of change will come. It is God, it is  in his mind to recover his body. So my prayer, desire and wish is for God to intervene in the affairs of the church among the apex leaders in the body of Christ. Let God begin to restore the glory that is the DNA of God I have been talking about, because we have lost it due to materialistic tendencies.  we have lost it due to polities and ignorance of knowledge of God. So God is in the point of restoration of the church. Jesus said “upon this rock I will build my church and the gate of hell shall not prevail.”

Question10: What is you take on the recent promulgated law regarding the appointment of the church (Board of Trustees) by the federal government of Nigeria? Does this really worth the move?

Answer: Well, it is unfortunate that the present administration has become an instrument to introduce some of the activities of the Antichrist because these are some of the things predicted in the bible that will happen to the believers, and it has begun. so I look at it as a welcome on one hand, and unwelcome on the other hand. The bible is been fulfilled with  the people of the world. If the enemies does not persecute the church, how would the bible be fulfilled? Jesus told us in the bible that there shall come a time when the church will be persecuted because of his name.


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Question 11:  Finally, what is your advice to the clergies especially the upcoming ones as you clock 70 0n the 4th of September, 2020.

Answer: Simple! Look unto Jesus!  Determine, recognize, understand and discover your place in the ministry and stay there. Do not wish to be a prophet when you see a prophet prophesying. When you are a teacher, do not become an apostle, because somebody is succeeding in the apostolic ministry. Discover your calling,  stay there and develop it. Just be focus and patient with God. The bible says “they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength”.


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