The deal behind Smart School Policy

The deal behind Smart School Policy-said by Rev.Dr.Chidiebere, Rector federal polytechnic Nekede owerri Imo State.

we have a smart campus policy which we launched officially. And that policy is to move away from manually way of doing things to doing them digitally and electronically. We now have a registration process that is fully automated from beginning to the end.

So it is now easy for students to come and register, they can also register from home without queuing up in lines. They can register with their phones, laptops, palmtops etc at the comfort of their homes.

We have phases of the implementation of the smart campus policy. We are already acquiring student records online so that those who need things like transcripts can get it in two days because before now it has always been a herculean task for students. if you applied for transcripts you have to come in person and it will take two or three months before you get it because files have to be moved but now because of the way we are Automating our procedures and processes right from the time the results are submitted and approved the transcript is ready so you only need to show evidence of payment and they will key in your name and reg-number then the transcript will be ready. The only reason it takes 2 days is because of little Authentications.

Peradventures 200 students want to apply at a time it is possible because we have the adequate bandwidth to take any number within our environment. So the important thing is to create an adequate bandwidth which we have and we are in lead with a certain organization who provide adequate bandwidth

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