THE BENEFIT OF FOCUS – By Susan Ogadimma


Focus on the other hand means to pay particular attention or to concentrate. It is doing one thing without distraction. Remember, there is no shortage of distraction in life. If you are trying to focus on work, your family needs attention. Therefore be the focus on your family, so that the duties of the job get in the way .because focus allows you to get a better quality of work, more works get done quicker, and your creative ideas flow easier.

Secondly, being focused is uncountable going to making you feel more positive and controlled in your life that is to say that the skill is being committed to achieving your goals which enable you to plan control the everyday distractions that life put in your path. Everywhere we go, focus seems to be important and productive in our brains .because we are living in a fast-paced world where you can get distraction easily by a lot of things everyday you can try everything but if you lack focus in your life, it is pretty impossible to become successful.

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Focus can truly change everything. As it is said ‘energy flows where the attention goes. When you focus on something it expands. It is necessary to understand why focus is so important. So you can use it for your advantage.

  1. Focus gives more opportunities; focus will help you to discover the path that you don’t even know that exist. We become so blind with our problems in life that we forget to focus on possibilities. So, you need to start looking for possibilities in your life and you will open new doors to new opportunities.
  2. It helps us to change our life; focus can change our life dramatically. When you focus on life to make it better, it will start to get better eventually. As it is said, the secret of change is to focus all your energy not fighting the old, but building the news.
  3. Focus expands your knowledge; focus will help to expand your intelligence and knowledge-when you start to focus on learning, your knowledge will automatically expand. Therefore, focus on learning things every day. Make learning a priority in your life.
  4. It helps you become more productive at work. Distraction will always knock your doors.  It is your choice, what you choose between focus vs.    Focus will help you to become productive at your work .it will help you to bring your attention towards a particular task as a primary objective, while every other thing is secondary.
  5. It helps you achieve your goals; focus will determine the level of your achievements you get in life. When you bring your focus to achieve something in life, you will reach your goals. Otherwise, you will end up wasting your time and energy on useless things.

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  1. You will be more positive;  be confident in what you know and what you believe you can achieve. Positively and being more optimistic will underpin your goals. Your psychological state will drive your determination that will enable to achieve your aspiration.  Trust yourself; tell yourself that you can do it. The small success will drive the presenting challenges that will enable you to deal with the bigger tasks. Acknowledge your hard work by having a pan and matched focus to achieve your goals. That will provide you with a foundation for your future successes.
  2. You will feel more in control; being more focused means being able to pay attention to your plan and control the everyday distraction that life put in your path. Of course, there will be plans when unforeseen things happen but you will be more prepared and confident to deal with them. It would be foolish to suggest that no one experiences insecurities and doubts fell them and learn from them. Always be mined full of your plans and follow them. But be mined full that it might not go according to your initial plans, that doesn’t that you won’t find a way to resolve it. Therefore, it let you have a contingency in place.
  3. You will develop a better understanding; connect with your inner self. The internal growth, development and pursuit of and plan will make you stronger in the long term. Consciously reflect on your journey. Even if things do not move according to your plan, look for the lessons and consider the learning in it transference of this learning will result in a stronger belief in your capabilities.
  4. Improved decision making; trust in yourself and learn to trust others again. This will support future decision making. The formation and growth in your character as a person will be with you throughout your life pan if you maintain the principles discussed.
  5. More clarity; consistence reflection will act as a compass that can be used to measure your progress. You will know what your goals are and have planned for the way forward. This developed clarity will enable you to focus and not be distracted from your goals. Be open in the knowledge that the path to achieving your goals may have to alter, that is part of life. As long as the love remains solid and you believe   in yourself the path to realization will still be manageable.

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