TALENT: The Surest way to fulfill your purpose!


Talent is the skill that someone has to do something very well that people will usually like, it is created not born with the skill of accomplishing a special gift from God, it is also beautifully, entertaining, impressive for a different reason like dancing, acting or sport.

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It is a natural endowment of a person aptitude or disposition, the desire or inclination for something like example He has the talent of touching his nose with his tongue.


  1. Try things that are easy-

If you love to spend all day doodling, dancing, reading there’s no point in wasting time, what comes naturally to you is this? Have a talent of baking, focus on the talents; ask your family, friends, teachers to help you figure out what it may look like.

  1. Follow your obsessions-

What do you have to drag yourself from? Give yourself some credit maybe you have a talent for telling stories, channel that obsession into learning about firm history and also learning about how movies are made.

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  1. Stop waiting for talents to appear-

You can’t know if you’ve got a talent for guitar and you never try to play it, you can only find your natural abilities, skills, talents when you test your mettle and actively seek for new experience. Make it a goal to try something you have not experienced before. Face down obstacles and seek out challenges to see what innate skills and abilities you might be hiding.

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  1. Ignore the television-

“Like American idol and Britain got talent “it have a very narrow definitions of what it means to be talented, being talented doesn’t mean being famous, attractive or kind of performer but it means dedication, creative thinking and developing some innate abilities into skills.

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Verbal intelligent-

The ability to reason using a natural language like English, Thailand, Chinese, it has a wide range of applications in terms of strategic thinking, problem solving and decision making.


It is a talent for leading people to achieve their common goals, work together in a productive and creative way.

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Art –

To create work of aesthetic value example a painter who is eventually recognized for creating a priceless works of art.

Musical intelligent-

It is the fundamental type of thought that are independent of verbal, visual, talent in music composition and performance

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