Success literally means doing something that you want and have been trying to do or get while failure is the lack of success in achieving anything good “SUCCESS OR FAILURE THE CHOICE IS YOURS.”.


It begins when you decide on what you want to achieve that is “goal setting” this can be a short term success or a long term success. Success is never-ending because is a continual process. If you dream it, it simply means you can do it. Grab the courage of power of possibility. We view success with a positive mental attitude. It is also a journey not really a destination. No matter where you find yourself in life, just be focused and prayerful.

Success challenges you to make a dream which you know if not fail. He asks you to carry the dream with God and to give God a chance to accomplish the dream. For success doesn’t just happen, you have to plan well to make it happen. It is often said that success is the result of hard work. And also, faith without work is dead according to the Bible. So never look at what you lost, go beyond the limit and excel greater.


Finally “farewell to failure” and say “Hello to success” because he asks us to strive, start small, think big, reach a little further, invest wisely, visualize success and expand carefully. I wish you all a successful life ahead.

Further explained, the first is a failure, I learned one of the most important lessons I ever had on my first day in secondary school, I remember my principal Lady ChinyereNwankiti, always coming to the chapel to talk to us about the fear of achieving our dreams. She said a lot of things in her speech, but the most important thing that I could never forget is that “when you fall a million times you will surely rise again”. And when you rise, you will continue excelling greater.


Our culture today is marked by success from birth our path is marked before us; go to school, succeed by getting good grades, get a job, succeed by making good money, interact with people, succeed by marrying the right person. In a landscape marked by success, there is not much room for failure. We tend to look down on failure forgetting that it must surely come. But don’t let it bring you down. Keep on striving.

Successor failure, the choice is yours. It all begins when you decide what you want. Nobody has a money problem, it’s always an idea. Put your dreams in front of every challenge and believe that dreams do come true. Ask the right questions to release possibilities. Ask the right confidence and release creative solutions.


The right questions release motivation. Take Schuller’s magic words “I can do it”. Schuller makes you believe that impossibilities vanish when a man and his god confront a mountain. He throws possibilities like it might be possible. If I can just learn how to it? If I can solve some problems? Raise some money? Think bigger? work harder? Find someone to help me? If I realize that I cannot quit? Get a new attitude? And you will be successful.

As said earlier, he does not recognize failure. He asks where you go, he asks us to accept life’s setbacks gracefully. Try to do our best to limit the damage out of the present setback. When you have a setback in life, you need some stroke. Make your renewal and recovery program efficiently, think better, think brighter. He insists “Every End Is a New Beginning”.Starting over again can be fun and it can be done. There are other fishes in the sea. If you miss a silver star, don’t worry, the golden star may be out there. Look at what you have lost”SUCCESS OR FAILURE THE CHOICE IS YOURS.”.

Go beyond the limit and be successful!!!


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