Everyone thinks that crime, unemployment etc are social problems, but most times no one takes cognizance of some problems we cannot voice out yet it eats us up gradually.

Snoring is when a harsh and offensive sound flows out through the nose or mouth of the effected person.  Snoring is a chronic problem which may often give signal for a break down in health condition.

Snoring can be a nuisance to your partner.  Sometime in the night, snoring may be more disturbing, it can attract the men of the underworld to know exactly how to get their target easily.

Is better  to be disturbed of bite by a mosquito rather than sleep together with a person that snores; A person that snores is a cricket, but differs in the sense that cricket produces its noise from a hidden place but a person that snores most times drips saliva which makes snoring to be more irritating.

Snoring can be cause because of weight, anatomy of your mouth and sinuses, alcohol consumptions and tiredness.  When you doze off and progress from light sep to a deep sleep, the muscles in the roof of your mouth relax enough that they partially block your airway and vibrate.  The more narrowed your airway, the more forceful the airflow become.  This increases tissue vibration which causes your snoring to grow louder.



  • Your mouth anatomy: Having a low thick soft palate can narrow your airway, people with weight tends to have extra tissues in the back of their throats that may narrow their airways.
  • Alcohol consumption: Too much consumption of alcohol before bed time can cause snoring because alcohol relaxes troths muscles and decreases your natural defenses against airway obstruction.
  • Nasal problems: Chronic nasal congestion may contribute to your snoring.
  • Sleep deprivation: Lack of sleep led to further throat relaxation and it can cause snoring.
  • Sleep position: When lying face up snoring is so loud because gravity effect the throat narrows the airway.
  • Exhausted: Tiredness can make one weak and the person will start snoring. Some men has the hobbit of being so weak after making love and it causes them to snore too loud.
  • Overfeeding: Eating too much may cause a person to be weak, and immediately such person back touches the bed, he will doze off and start producing s loud noise.

A person that snores may be at risks for other complications like;

  1. Daytime sleepiness
  2. Frequent frustration or anger
  3. Difficulty concentrating.
  4. A greater risk of high blood pressure and stroke.


A lot of people of people have insecticide in their home not necessarily because of malaria mosquito  gives but rather ,the offensive bell that mosquitoes rings in peoples ear as if that ghosts has rising from the dead.

If you have lived in a general yard, you will agree with me how many times you have wake up in the night to kill mosquitoes or be chasing a cricket.

Mosquitoes and cricket can be chased out or killed with insecticide right; then the question is this “the human mosquitoes and cricket who might be your husband or wife, girl friend or boy friend, how will you make them to stop snoring”?

Are you going to use insecticide…..?

Or are you going to run away……..?

Sometime in 2017, I read a paper, where a woman sues her husband.  She seek for divorce for some private reasons, but she managed to say out one thing which is “I am tired of tolerating my husband snoring every night”

Maybe is better to run away that to right a statement.

Let’s call a spade a spade, snoring destroys relationship and it destroys love, the truth about snoring is that the person who snores does not always admit it, the engage in argument which can lead to a fight unless being proven.

In relationship, we often time advice husband and wife to sleep together in one bed in other to boast up good relationship amongst them, but go to some homes, you will notice that some couples does not sleep together anymore because the cricket husband or wife with his or her chronic snoring cannot allow another to have a good sleep, .

For example; a wife might tolerate a snoring husband with pains in her heart but as soon as she noticed that he has fallen into a deep sleep, she will run to another room; you know men does not like this idea; a wife sleeping in a different room when her husband needs her can stir up an argument and it can lead to a fight.

A friend told me that he left her girl friend because she bed wets, Your friend, wife or husband can equally leave you quietly because you snores, and then cooked up lies to give as reasons for leaving , then you start going from church to church for cancelling, binding demons , were as the problem is in your nose and mouth.


  • Exercise and lose weight: Even if you don’t want to gym; you can help yourself by doing indoor exercise to help your-self.
  • Raise the head of your bed if you have such bed, or look for orthopedic pillow that will make your head to up.
  • Reduce to minimal your alcoholic intake.
  • Quit smoking completely if you are one.
  • Get enough sleep, stop too much internet navigation, and take a nap if possible to avoid croaking like a frog.
  • Do not force yourself to have sex when you’re weak for such.
  • Buy a nasal strips or an external nasal dilator,
  • Do not lie face-up, or face down, both with both sides
  • Treat your nasal congestion or obstruction.

Help yourself to help others; stop disturbing the life of others in the name of sleep, tolerating a bad habit has limitations, when the grace of someone tolerance expires fights starts. Try to change today.






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