Separation Anxiety in a Relationship


separation anxiety in a relationship
separation anxiety in a relationship

It is very difficult handling separation anxiety. To be with someone battling with separation anxiety can be as stressful as having to deal with it yourself.  Your attention, care, affection, time is constantly needed sometimes it feels like you can never calm or satisfy their fears. Loving or living with someone with this problem can be very taxing and even making the relationship to begin to crumble under stress.

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When one is faced with Separation Anxiety Disorder (SAD) it is very important to seek support from a licensed professional that will help provide coping tools to reduce the burden of separation anxiety, support from friends and family is also needed so that the individual feels connected, social and supported within their relationships.

Ways to combat Separation Anxiety Disorder

  • Recognize the signs of it and talk to someone. Make an appointment with your primary care doctor and ask for referrals to a psychologist/psychiatrist so as to develop a treatment plan for the disorder.
  • Make out time to hang out with loved ones like friends and family, go to places you enjoy, see a movie or go to the beach. Talk about things that make you happy and avoid being alone sometimes.
  • Discuss all aspect of your treatment plan or progress with your loved ones as it will also have a direct impact on them as well.
separation anxiety in a relationship
separation anxiety in a relationship
  • Always remember that you are special, lovely, smart and gorgeous. The person that separated from you doesn’t deserve you, the person who knows your worth and value will come for you and will always cherish you.
  • The most important thing about combating separation anxiety is to be open in your communication with your support team which include your doctor /psychologist and loved ones.
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