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The rate at which events are accelerating and intensifying in our world is terrifying, our country being part of this globe not spared. You would have hardly caught your breath before another event occurs, the latest even more horrendous, more alarming than the one before it. It could be seen that Iran was going to average the death of her foremost general, the highest-ranking general and commander-in-chief of its elite Quds Force, Qassam Soleimani.

The signs were there and the bellicose pronouncements of the warmonger Donald Trump did not help matters. What with the threats by the new commander of the force, Brigadier- General Esmail Ghanni and the vote by the Iraqi Parliament to expel the US forces from their territory on the prompting of aggrieved Iransss which itself fired ballistic missiles at two US bases targeted at the troops there. Because of the uproar in fear of attendant escalation of tensions which prompted some world leaders to swiftly wade in, the world knew some relief, more so that Mr Trump widely seen as the provocateur in this instance, even by the United States allies who said in hushed tones that they were not consulted, careful thought they were not to break ranks. The relief had hardly settled when Iran committed the gravest blunder.

Iran shot down the Ukrainian aircraft with 176 persons on board. There were no survivors. After days of denial, the Iranian authorities were later to accept responsibility for the unbelievably bizarre incident. It was Iran’s fellow-up on the ballistic missile strike against the US bases in Bagdad.

The military high command was later to state that the bringing down of Ukranian jetliner was an error mistaking the flight as a hostile one, going in the directive of a sensitive military Centre of the Revolutionary Guard and the military was predictably at “its highest level of readiness.” The president, Hassan Rouhani blamed the incident on the US ‘threats and bullying.”

Killings due have consequences beyond our imagining, indeed beyond what is conceivable to us mankind. How is anyone to explain, how much more, justify the shooting down of a commercial aircraft with 176 persons on board, even if it were carrying only Americans? The action of Mr Trump cannot represent the thinking of every American. There will be millions out there in the United States who would have switched off, horrified by the conduct of their president within and without the frontiers of the United States. There can be no greater proof of the disproval of Mr Trump than the daily battle between him and the United States media. It should be also remembered that his challenger at the 2016 polls beats Mr Trump by three million popular votes.



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