Revised R&D Guidelines

A review committee of stakeholders (NNPC R&D, PETAN, PTDF, OPTS/PCTS) in the industry was set up 2012 for revision of R&D Guidelines to include among other requirements for common Industry R&D initiatives and activities, the funding mechanism and governing structure. The revised guideline is awaiting adoption and implementation by the industry (OPTS/PCTS and stakeholders).


The governing structure (Steering Committee (SC) and Technical Evaluation and Monitoring Committee (TEMC)) is constituted for the administration of the R&D centres and shall be inaugurated as soon as the stakeholders have adopted the R&D guidelines to enables the implementation of R&D centres initiatives.

Regulations of Operator’s specific R&D Activities

R & D Division coordinates the activities of the operators, Service companies and allied partners ensuring their compliance with the statutory requirements as enshrined in section 38 (1&2 a,b) of NOGICD Act, 2010.

The submitted R&D plans, reports initiatives are evaluated periodically. These are followed up with site visits to verify their research findings and locations.

There are recorded research breakthroughs in the industry, some patented and others not patented.


These include:

  1. Halliburton’s research finding in the use of local cements (Elephant & Dangote) to produce Hydraulic class G cement. Utilizing the local cement as an alternative source of oil and gas well cement during drilling and casing jobs.

The research finding is at the stage of development and production in collaboration with local cement manufacturers, and soon to be commercial use.

  1. Oando’s breakthrough in Drill Bit design (a drilling tool for oil and gas operation) is also at development and production stage for commercial use.
  2. Berekeretory Detergent Limited breakthrough is in an indigenous Green (Emulsion Biopolymer), a solution for oil spillage management, using locally sourced materials.
  3. Solpawa Bioremediation products Limited has developed products Known as (1) Solpawa Soil Condition SBR 102x for land and swampy area (2) Solpawa Soil Booster SBR 101x for soil Nutrient and (3) Phytofib Gel 9134 for soil and water bioremediation systems using plant fibres sourced locally.signed(MoA)agreements.

Oleosorbent Oil Spill Management Limited breakthrough in the use of polymer waste which is effective for oil spill management using locally sourced materials.



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