There are battles to fight here on earth don’t let anyone deceive you that there are battles. There is nothing as good as pleasant as when you commit all these battles into the hand of God. God is always ready to take action when we report all our enemies to him.


There are some people who enjoy carrying out evil against the children of God. Some people cannot stand you being by God you serve. The passage of the scripture above revealed the conspiracy of human against the anointed one the lord. I decree that all conspiracies against you in the second half of the year shall come to nothing in Jesus name. God needs to always expose your enemies to you so that you can know how to handle them. The king could not sleep because God wanted to remember someone who saved his lives from a conspiracy. God shall remember your years of mournings and unfavourable circumstances He shall turn it into joy in Jesus name. When God remembers you, the stagnation of many years ceases in a day. (Remember Joseph account) One truth children of God should continue to remember that it takes divine remembrance to experience deliverance of God; just split of seconds. One of the persons that enjoyed the remembrance of God was Hannah For so many years, she lived in bareness, But her day of remembrance came and the lord put an end to her bareness. I decree that there shall be an end to your sorrows in Jesus name Amen. If you want God to remember you in your situation, there is a role you have to play. You have to call his attention to what you are going through. Mordecai called the attention of Esther to a source of their problem and Esther called the attention of the king and the rest was history. Every closed mouth equals to close destine. Do not allow your mouth to be closed. Hannah got to Shiloh, she made her petition to God and her request was granted.AS you call upon the Lord, he shall give you rest to that situation in Jesus name. Remember that the life of holiness is required for anyone who wants to call upon the name of the lord. You have to surrender your life totally to God, just like Esther did, fast, pray and take physical steps under the divine guidance of God concerning every challenge you are going through. If a human king could ask for what could be done to the person he had delight in. You can imagine what Go will do for you if you seek him. I declare that God will remember you .



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