Ezekiel chapter 28 vs. 17, your heart become proud on account of dour beauty, and you corrupted your wisdom because of your splendour, Devil apparently become so impressed with his own beauty, intelligence, power and position and he began to desire for himself the honour, and glory that belongs to God alone, The sin that corrupted Lucifer was a self-generated pride,

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Pride is when one has a deep pleasure and satisfaction based on the fact that, he has arrived.  Accomplishing a goal is necessary but felling on top of the world or belittling others because of one’s level in the social ladder is pride.

Pride is such a deceitful sin, many people who are Infected and infested with pride have no idea that they are. As a matter of fact, the proud person is often very proud of his humility,

One Igbo adage says (Ngaga kwuru n’ihu iga oka arala ahu). Which means if pride is considered first, reaching a goal will be blurred.

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Biblically, Pride is an attitude of independence from GOD, Do you know why you don’t pray? Prayerlessness is not a great problem, the problem is that they don’t feel the need. Prayerless Ness is really a spirit of independence from GOD, a way to tell God that I can do all things with my power and that my power is mine alone.  If you are wrestling with prayerless, what you are ready wrestling with is pride. Because you don’t feel the importance of seeking God’s face and you bluesy believe only in yourself forgetting that there is someone who formed that brain, Pride will even not allow you to remember that he has the total right to block that brain of yours if it pleases him to do so.  Pride is so dangerous because it has a very disintegrated approach of esteem in one’s self above other people:  A father will say I am the head, therefore, no woman will not dictate what I will do, this is pride in action because the same bible that tells you that you are the head also said: “that the woman is a helpmate”.

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(1) Pride makes someone become irritated when being corrected for his mistakes; is only God himself who can tell a cultist that his playing with fire and he believes, is so because one of the strong reason one join cult group is the pride of I want to “belong syndrome” I want to be known, that’s why you see some young boys in our institution of high learning answering names like, stone, pillar, no shaking etc.

(2) Pride makes someone to accept praise for things over which he or she has no control; I went to one church to attend a friends child dedications in Owerri, as I entered the church I noticed something, the long hard chairs’ almost all of them has inscriptions  …”Donated by Mr. and Mrs… With dates.  I was so shocked, does it mean that right inside the house of God, and people are taken pride of what they did to God which supposed to have been a secret affair between them and God.

(3) A proud person does not add it a mistake and can never say sorry.

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(4) Pride make someone to fake his or her identity, 80% per cent of six escorts are parading with fake identity, they want to belong, they will package themselves in such a way that if they tell you that is extraordinary,  most times they have fake names, even tell you that their Father is partnering with Bill gate.

(5) Pride defiles a man.  Pride is in the inside, and it does manifest outside. ie. One bright morning in Lagos, 2019 September, as church service was going on everyone was happy, all of a sudden fight broke out at the Alter between the residence Pastor and the church Elders. The Pastor according to the elders was syphoning the church money, he told the Elders that his level is not the same as theirs, that he is Very educated, before those who are watching from a vintage position called the police, and all the elders have joined hands and pushed the pastor outside and lock the door. This is so embarrassing because pride closes his inner eyes to see and he therefore as a pastor reduced himself to nothing. It happens everywhere.

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(6) Pride destroys souls: Proverbs 16 vs. 18 &19 “pride goat before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall, the seed of destruction are in pride.  I am telling you pride is the road to ruin.

Pride stops us from building a team, Pride renders us unreachable, it closes our mind on feedback, Pride keeps us from making changes, Pride encourages poor character choices, Pride hinders us from reaching our potentials,

(7)  Pride destroys relationships:  For instance, have you ever hesitated to apologize because the other person is ‘more wrong that you’ if yes, how do you know he or she is more wrong. ? Have you ever been in an argument and been so sure you were right that you keep arguing. Why? This is pride as a killer of relationships.

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Pride keeps us from admitting fault and accepting responsibilities, it tricks us into believing we are better than the other people.

Pride is like a dead body that drags flies inside the grave. Allow God to dwell in your soul you will then see pride far from you.

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