Ihenagaram Abigail C.

  1. Pray for God to give you a man you can call your own.
  2. Pray for divine direction.
  3. Pray for a peaceful home
  4. Pray for an understandable mother-in-law
  5. Pray never to share your man with any other woman.
  6. Pray your man never gets tired of you.
  7. Pray for obedient children.
  8. Pray for a husband that will love and respect you.
  9. Pray for a husband that will take your family like his.
  10. Pray to be the number one in your heart
  11. Pray for a patient husband.
  12. Pray for the will of God in your marriage.
  13. Pray for a husband you can trust.
  14. Pray for God’s grace upon you.
  15. Pray to get married in the right home. 

Above all pray for a God fearing Husband.

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