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The Team of Reporters and Senior Editors from Evergreen news online and Newspapers LTD visited Bishop of He Reigns Chapel international Church His Lordship, Bishop N.I   Durueke in his Church for Press Interview on 28th February, 2019.


 Sir, may we meet you officially?

My name is Ngozi Durueke, the Bishop of He Reigns Chapel International.

How long have you been into Ministry?

It has been a long time, close to 40years in He Reigns Chapel and in Holiness Evangelical Church. I did a lot for the church as a student and a corp member from 1983 – 1984 as the president of Corpers Fellowship in Kaduna State. After that, I went into other field of life such as teaching and working for the lord.

What is your advice as PDP has rejected the Presidential result?

I like to stay out of politics and decides to pray for them and ask for the will of God. Only God can sort Nigerians out. I tend to face my ministry and pray for the will of God for the Nation. By human standard we may not be up to anything but with God, he will sort us out. God will give us right direction. The will of God is of good not of evil, I tell Nigerians, we should resort to effective prayers. As I am convinced that God’s will be done. I don’t struggle for things.

What can be your advice to the Nigerian Youths as a Minister of God?

Nigerian Youths should be more focused and have good Orientation of the History of Nigeria. Nigeria is like Otopus having many heads, like what we saw the other time, many of them lost their lives. They should not easily jump into situation without knowing the solution. The Youths should think of technical Education where they should learn skills. They should be self-reliant. The 3Rs (reading, writing and recitation) which develop the mind without developing the skills. In oversees, they involve in the skills, it is also applicable to Adults. They should learn more skills that will be profitable to them. Adults should also indulge in farming which is very productive in the country.

The issue of people bringing bad powers from the shrine to the church, what is your opinion on the issue?

 It is apostasy to the pastors working and picking powers while they are divinely empowered by God with divine powers according to   1 peter 2: 9 which says “but you a chosen generation, a royal priest hood, a holy nation his own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light. Rev 1: 6” And has made us kings and priest to his God and father. To him be glory and dominion forever and ever.” Anyone that does it, should have a rethink, go back and study God’s words.  In fact, I recommend they should have mentors. They go out to pick powers, some of them didn’t go to bible schools. They need to go for training. They should kill quest for wealth. We should understand as ministers that we should obey his rules. That ministers are legal legacies to the people, therefore we should lead by example. They should have mentors who should guide and direct their paths. Ministers should be trained into bible schools so that they could be fashioned. Basically, God the father will help them to have good direction.

What is your advice to Nigerians and church at this time of economic hardship?

 We should be patient and wait on the Lord. In the period of economic recession, what I have to tell the church is that, according to Ecc 3:1” There is a season for everything” That calls for patience. We should have faith in God and believe things will be well. I am calling on everybody to be conscious of God. We should have faith that tomorrow will be better and find something doing that will yield resource and generate income to us.

Any regret in the Ministry?

I have no regret being in the ministry. The only regret I have is the new generation. I believe the lord that brought this generation, will know what to do. Some feel that civilization is of grace to them while we that are into Ministry see it as corruption because when youth behave wrongly they call it civilization. In our Society, bad behaviors are being celebrated not being cautioned. African Society is a holistic one before, but now, we have adopted western Culture which made it worst to the society.



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