The National President of the Nigerian Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA), Abayomi Agoro, has said that technical and operational training for industry workforce has not been given the truly necessary consideration they merit by the Nigerian Air Management Agency (NAMA).

Speaking at a one-day intuitive meeting with flying partners on the topic ‘Air terminal Collaborative Decision Making, Capacity Development and Planning as Catalysts for Aviation Safety’, which was done in a joint effort with Flight Crew Association of Nigeria (FCAN) and National Association of Aircraft Pilots and Engineers (NAAPE) held in Lagos, Agoro said many Air Traffic Controllers (ATCO) scarcely go for On-The-Job-Trainings (OJT) as a result of lack of assets.

He said that NAMA, the office answerable for giving Air Traffic Control benefits and guaranteeing air wellbeing, has not had the option to give centre operational preparing, with consideration being offered rather help staff.

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“So much certainty had been rested on our flight industry and we can’t stand to misuse assets, considering the generosity the part has worked throughout the years. As I would see it, all is good and well to think about some notable issues, one of which is the preparation of operational/specialized staff in the area.

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Our staff need preparing and re-preparing. We need to draw the consideration of the pertinent flight specialists to the shortfall in preparing and essential introduction that has been missing of late. These preparation programs are significant in order to get together with ICAO suggestions and eventually give our staff the information, aptitude and specialized presentation to handle whatever challenges that may manifest over the span of obligation.

“As we as a whole know, NAMA is the perceived aeronautics office burdened with the duty of giving Air Traffic Control benefits and guarantee security, however, unfortunately, NAMA, with all due regard, has not had the option to convey on her centre operational training. We are for the most part living observers to the very actuality that Technical/Operational preparing for the applicable workforce have not been given the truly necessary consideration they merit. Or maybe, and unexpectedly as well, need consideration is ceaselessly being given to help staff. The preparation subsidize dispensed to Technical/Operational staff is horribly lacking, while NAMA exhausts a ton to prepare bolster staff on managerial courses abroad.

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“It is dismal to take note of that our ATCOs are not presented to the imperative preparing system and the not many that came to our direction were deficient to meet the set objective. Note additionally that numerous ATCOs scarcely go for On-The-Job-Trainings (OJT) as and when due for reasons of lack of assets. These trainings are a standard operational necessity and incongruity with worldwide accepted procedures. This is an unwholesome improvement and if care isn’t taken the extending hole in what should be a customary preparing system could, at last, imperil the security and weaken our ICAO/FAA appraisals,” Agoro said.

Ronald Roberts, the leader of FCAN, said more exertion ought to be placed in by all the important flight offices to forestall blunders brought about by poor plans, terrible administration choices, off base establishments, and ineffectively organized associations.

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“In Crew Resource Management (CRM), a course all pilots obligatorily embrace yearly, 2 significant gatherings of mistakes are distinguished: Active blunders called the sharp end, which happens at the bleeding edge administrator level for example by pilots and the second gathering of mistakes is inert which incorporates poor plans, awful administration choices, off base establishments, and ineffectively organized associations.

“More often than not, we centre just around alleviating the dynamic blunders and give no dynamic idea to the dormant mistakes, presumably in light of the fact that this is its temperament: striking, unperceived and originates from over various associations, for example, the NCAA, FAAN, NAMA, Airlines and others. In any case, it’s not all negative. Our subject ought to be a progressing discussion that tends to representative preparing and progression plans, with significant focuses to capture inactive however similarly hazardous mistakes that expansion the outstanding task at hand at the sharp end,” Roberts said.

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The leader of NAAPE, Galadima Abednego, commended the synergistic endeavours utilized by the discussion and underlined that the typical methodology model in NAAPE is a coordinated effort and imaginative collaboration in managing its social accomplices. He said the affiliation has initiated a yearly wellbeing grant to urge all flying partners to accomplish more on security.

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Queenta N. Duru Iruka
A certified Senior Reporter/Advert Executive Evergreennewoline, Creative Writer/Graphic Designer/Political Analysts/ Entrepreneur & Fashionista



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