We are in a society where dating married men is becoming the mother of the day. What a world! 

It is true that most married men take very good care of ladies compared to young guys. Most young ladies prefer dating married because:Married men don’t disturb a lot, always make yourself available to them each time they want you. That’s just what they want but young guys, they always want you 24hours by their side. ( married men are less stressful)

Married men are always the one providing for their ladies, all they want in return is for you to pay in kind. As for young guys, some time they request a lot from their girlfriends including money.

In a month, she gives a married man sex maybe once, twice, thrice sometime non but that wouldn’t stop the man from sending money to her any time she is in need. But for young guys, no sex no money.

Married men don’t complain for lack of money in the present of his girlfriend, the way young guys do. If a married man doesn’t have money, this is his statement “let me see what I can do about it”. For some guys, hmmm, after complaining to you that they don’t have money, my God! You will end up giving them the little money with you or tell him to forget about it.

Some married men have money more than some young guys. Etc.

These are some of the reason why some young ladies date married men.

My question is “must you date him?” there is no reason enough for you to do it. Have you forgotten that he is a married man? He has his own family; his wife and children already, what have you? None (just been deceived). There is no amount of love that will make him marry you. Even if he marry you, you can never ever be the first wife. No matter how he will shower you with love, make you feel on top of the world, it can’t change the fact that you are a second wife. Being a second wife means being a second option, fairly used. Most of this men have more than one wife and you think you can just come from behind and start ruling. Your orders may be taken in the family once you are newly married. Remember that’s for the main time, it wouldn’t last long. There is this saying “once a new broom is been brought to the house, it becomes the center of attraction. They tend to forget the old broom. What the new broom doesn’t know is that soon, it will one day become like the old rejected broom”.

There is nothing that gives joy like being the first and only wife to your husband. A husband you can call your own, his at your service any time any day. Your children wouldn’t share their fathers name with anybody. My God in this modern age, were we have learnt from our fore-father’s mistake. You still want to be a victim.

Wait are you even thinking he will divorce his wife and children and marry you? You lied, please don’t be deceived. Ok, even if you are successfully deceived, don’t you think the same thing he did to his first family will also be done to you one day?

Don’t be carried away by the money and forget the repercussion.  Do you think the wife will be silent, even if she is not aware God is! There is always repercussion, what goes around comes around. You date married men when you were single and now you are married you say you can’t share your husband, relax my dear it’s payback time.

I wonder at the behavior of some men. After having a wonderful family; lovely wife and kids, you still left them for a “side chick”. Is that the level of love you have for them? Have you ever think of the repercussions? What you are looking for outside is right beside you. Why not make your home what you want it to be, instead of going outside. Don’t forget your own is your own. After investing on your family, it will forever remain your own. Investing on those ladies out there, they will still leave you because they came for the money only. Why not make wise use of your money and time now.

Your wife and family is the most precious gift God gave to you. They can never abandon you even at your worst moment.

I know it might be very hard for you to do without married men and young ladies, i.e. if you are already into it. The goodness is, you can still change i.e. if you really want to. All you need is prayers, God is ready to forgive you and help you change.

Nobody is perfect, decide to change today and save yourself from unknown punishment                    



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