A leader is an influencer, a motivator, a pacesetter.  A leader is that person who takes charge and command followers, He is that person with great will power. He goes first and commands followers into believing in his ethics and maize ways.

Biblically, there are some leaders who are worthy to be emulated:

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NOAH: (Gen: 6) God was so annoyed that wickedness has hijacked humanity, he decides to wipe out the human race and build a new race from scratch.


God saw Noah as an exceptional man, he urged him to build an ark to skip destruction.  Even though that everyone has sinned and continue to enjoy and brag with sin, Noah refused to commit sin with the multitude. He did what is right even when he is alone.

ABRAHAM: (GEN: 12) God said to Abraham, “Go forth from your country, from people who are related to you, He was separated from his root, from the people he loved, he embraces he unknown believing himself that great tidings will be his reward.

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JOSEPH: (Gen: 37) Joseph story is a story of a guy who had a pretty tough time but endured in spite of circumstances because he as a vision he held onto.

MOSES: (EXODOS: 3) with boldness in his heart, he echoed to Pharaoh.” He passed the word of Jehovah “Let my people go” He stuck up for his people, and led the way out from the captive camp.


JOSHUAH: (Joshua: 24) “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord: Because the people believed in him and have inspired them by example they joined him in serving the Lord. He ruled by example rather than command.

DAVID: (Samuel: 17) “You come to me with a sword, spears and javelin, but I come to you in the name of the lord of hosts.  “He knows who he is believing in, and not afraid of the giants.

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Daniel: (Daniel: 6) He refused to bow to the king, he refuses to be pushed around even when his life is in danger, he maintains in what he believes in the lord without regret or consequences.

JESUS: He focused on serving people, he washed people’s feet.

Qualities for leaders:

  • Passionate for what they believed in
  • Even if a leader fails, he recovers
  • Leaders are servants
  • Leaders are not afraid to call out the phonies
  • Leaders maintain their resolve without regard for consequences.
  • Leaders take initiative, first to stand, first to speak
  • Leaders ignore the fear of the unknown
  • Leaders rule by example.
  • Leaders speak the mind of the people without compromise
  • Leaders endure no matter the challenge
  • Leaders embrace the unknown with boldness, they discover and conquer
  • Leaders are chaste even in the secret.

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  • A leader is not that man who makes the people cry.
  • A leader is not that man who makes people suffer.
  • A leader is not that man who mocks the less privilege.
  • A leader is not that man who makes a promise to his people and fail them.
  • A leader is not that man who is so autocratic and does not carry people along
  • A leader is not that man when hunger is stricken the majority and he will keep quiet.
  • A leader is not that man with a reprobate mind.
  • A leader is not that man who has a chameleon attitude
  • A leader is not that man who has a skeletal in his cupboard.
  • A leader is not that man who shows his people the way to escape and go before them to break it into two
  • A leader is not that man who is self-centred
  • A leader is not that man who watches from a vintage position as innocent blood are being split and he keeps quite.
  • A leader is not that man who segregated,
  • A leader is not that man who urges every parent to send their ward to school in a dilapidated building and in turn, send his children abroad to acquire a good education.


  • Is that man who has a deep-rooted commitment to the goal that he will strive to achieve even nobody follows him, He is the Joshua of our time.
  • A leader is that man who has the ability to visualize his goals as an accomplished fact.
  • A leader is that man who can defeat the giant that stands to destroy his people.
  • A leader is that man who values the sacredness of lives and makes sure is secured.
  • A leader is that man who inculcates the norm of positive change and sees it being preached and practised.
  • A leader is that man who is ready to share God’s given Moi-Moi to the people.
  • A leader is not greedy, he makes sure the source of livelihood is circulated to all the people.
  • A leader is a pacesetter.

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He who thinketh he leadeth and hath no one following him is only taking a walk, to be a leader, one must have a follower, to have followers you must be trusted,

If you think that you are a leader, then ask yourself these questions.

How do people see me?

Do they believe in me?

Have I made a positive impact on their lives?

Have I fought for them?

Do my character cheer them up?”

Have I protected their lives?

Have I alleviated their problem?

If your answer is yes; you are a leader and I urge to ride on, but it is no’ remove that name “a leader” from your brain and

come out of your shell because you’re wearing an oversize cloth. If God has given you the zeal to become a leader more

grease to you elbows, I know followers will automatically come to you, when people see your fruit, they will like to plug from it.

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