The deal behind Smart School Policy

LACK OF FUNDS TO MASS PRODUCE-: automated and semi automated hand sanitizer

Federal polytechnic nekede said that they lack funds to mass-produce their machine and that funding has been a problem, funding is never enough. It is the biggest challenge that an educational institution will tell you. Education is very expensive, it is not easy to run a lab or provide a machine in a workshop especially engineering workshop.

In view of the challenges of funding, I will really advise the authorities who are responsible for fiscal appropriation to see to it that there is a conscious effort to improve funding in education. They should look at other things that can be scaled down gradually and we should move the ladder to achieve the united nation requirement for funding in Education.

We have made inquires of how to get funds and help and we are told to apply to the central bank provided we have something to present which we have,  so we are going to apply to them to assist us in mass-producing our product because we don’t have funds to mass produce and keep so we only produce on request.

If you request you pay we produce and deliver, we do not mass produce and keep in a warehouse because we don’t have the funding but if there is a government agency or international organization that will help us then we will produce them and keep them in a showroom so people can come and buy.

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