JUDGMENT FOR SALE: The untold story of the Supreme Court Judgment on Imo Government(Ihedioha vs Uzodinma)


The date was Monday, January 13, 2020. There was stress in Imo State as a result of the Supreme Court docket had set the date to ship judgment within the Imo State governorship petitions pending earlier than the Court docket.

The chief justice of Nigeria, CJN, and Justice Tanko Mohammed had led different six Justice into the courtroom. The CJN had taken over the headship of the panel from justice. Mary Odili on Thursday, January 9, 2020, and altered your entire panel. It was alleged that the justice Mary Odili panel had refused to homicide sleep, by giving a judgment that might hang-out her and her colleagues without end, by giving a judgment that might be reverse what the legislation and the folks know, as was allegedly directed from above.

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Tanko and his new panel members have been prepared to offer any judgment to please their masters.

However on that Monday, January 13, 2020, they have been nonetheless struggling to get causes to do as directed from above. So, Tanko introduced that the courtroom was noisy and overcrowded. He stepped down the mater and directed that those that had no enterprise being within the courtroom ought to take their depart.

He retired to the chambers. After they nonetheless couldn’t agree on the explanations to offer to defend the upcoming disaster, Tanko despatched a message that the matter had been adjourned until Tuesday, January 14, 2020. They wanted extra time o to agree on what to make use of to do the hatchet job. Then got here Tuesday, January 14, 2020, they have been prepared for the job. They usually sacked the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Social gathering, PDP, Rt. Hon Emeka Ihedioha who was declared governor by the unbiased Nationwide Electoral Fee, INEC, on March 9, 2019, with 276,404 votes and ordered that Senator Hope Uzodinma, whom by their very own judgment hat acknowledged Uche Nwosu because the candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, was the second APC candidate or the identical election, be sworn in because the validly elected governor of Imo State, despite the fact that he got here fourth within the election with 96,48 votes.

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To award victory to Uzodinma, the Supreme Court docket awarded him outcomes from 388 models totalling 213,699, bringing Uzodinma’s whole votes to 310,154. With Uche Nwosu’s votes of 190,364 and Senator Ifeanyi Araraume’s votes solid in that election turned 928,054, some 127,209 votes above the INEC accredited votes of 823,743 and whole legitimate votes solid of 714,3.

The Supreme Court docket forgot that it has dominated severally that they haven’t any energy to award votes to any candidate or social gathering. However they within the current one. The leaned justices forgot that the legislation stipulates that you simply have to be a maker of a doc earlier than the doc will be admitted in proof as they admitted the outcomes introduced by a policeman who didn’t put together the outcomes.

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In addition they ignored the truth that the mentioned policeman sate that the ends in the bag he dumped with the courtroom have been from 366 models, that outcomes from 20 models that made up the 213,699 votes weren’t obtainable. And the outcomes have been solid. E.g. On the Eziama/Okpala (Umuogba village sq., Eziama), unit Quantity 69 (008) whereas the registered voters are 492, the APC scored 819 votes, 334 votes greater than the variety of registered voters.

On the Umuozu (Umuchoko Townhall) Items Quantity 377 (006) the registered voters are 367 and APC scored the entire 37 and manufactured or votes or the PDP. Once more on the Umunkwo (Group Main College, Umuoparah), unit quantity 384, the registered voters are 526. The APC scored the entire 526 a manufactured two votes for the PDP.

The Supreme Court docket forgo that Uzodinma didn’t name any witness in any of the 388 models and that the policeman admitted that he was not on the 388 models.

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The Supreme Court docket forgot that by recognizing Uche Nwosu because the candidate of the APC and Motion Alliance, AA, for which motive Nwosu was disqualified, that the APC went into that election and not using a candidate. Except the APC went into the election with two candidates –Uche Nwosu and Hope Uzodinma. Maybe the Supreme Court docket of Justice knew about all these however simply determined to offer a judgment that had jolted even themselves.

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Definitely, they didn’t anticipate the reactions which have greeted this judgment. They need to by now be quarrelling with their sponsors for not doing an ideal job. These of them who’ve conscience have to be quarrelling with themselves and their conscience by now.

Expectedly, the PDP took over the streets everywhere in the nation, together with Abuja, condemning the judgment calling on Tanko to resign and calling or a overview of the Judgment and its reversal for the curiosity of the nation’s democracy and the judiciary. The PDP referred to as for the quick overview and reversal of the choice of the Supreme Court docket on the Imo State governorship tussle.

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Deal with journalists, the social gathering’s nationwide chairman, Uche Secondus, mentioned this may be within the curiosity of Justice.

Addressing Journalists, the social gathering’s nationwide chairman, Uche Secondus, mentioned this may be within the curiosity of justice. Mr Secondus whereas delivering the place of the Nationwide Working Committee (NWC) mentioned after a radical examination of the problems referring to what he described as miscarriage of justice by the Supreme Court docket, the social gathering resolved that the Ape Court docket, as presently constituted beneath justice Mohammed Tanko, has develop into closely compromised, misplaced its credibility and it now annexed to execute ignoble agenda of the APC-led Federal authorities once more “the Nigerian folks.

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“That the Judgment of the Supreme Court docket voiding the lawful election of Hon. Emeka Ihedioha (Who scored  276,404 votes) awarding fictitious votes to declare Hope Uzodinma of the APC, who scored 96,458 votes as governor of Imo State, is very irrational, unfounded, a provocative product of government manipulation and a recipe for the disaster, which shouldn’t be allowed to face. With the decision, the Supreme Court docket executed a coup towards the PDP and the folks of Imo State in addition to different Nigerians, and such should not be allowed to have a spot in our democracy.” Mr Secondus additional said that the chief justice should present Nigerians with solutions to some pertinent questions as a result of the Supreme Court docket, in a bunch of circumstances, the newest and most celebrated being Atiku V Buhari an Ors, Persistently resolve that for a petitioner to reach an allegation of infraction of any provision of the Electoral Act particularly one complaining about malpractice, as on this case, wrongful executions of votes, the petitioner should name witnesses polling unit by polling unit. The query is, what number of witnesses did Uzodinma/APC name from the 388 polling models from the place the Supreme Court docket allotted votes to him”?

He additional said that the so-called outcomes from the 388 polling models have been rightfully rejected, consistent with a number of choices of the Supreme Court docket, by the Tribunal and Court docket of Attraction because it was merely dumped on the tribunal in a Ghana should go bag, by a policeman who had no mandate of the police to testify on the tribunal.

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“The Tribunal didn’t even open the Ghana should go baggage as there was no foundation to take action, it’s one o the good wonders of the World how the Supreme Court docket Opened the bag, counted the outcomes and added them to solely the APC Candidate. What’s extra perplexing is the truth that INEC produced a schedule of the explanation why outcomes weren’t produced from the 388 models. Certainly election didn’t even happen in a lot of the models fro one motive or one other, like violence, and many others and so no outcome may outcomes weren’t merely rejected or cancelled by INEC. Not one of the candidates or their counsel, besides maybe APC, as we communicate, are conscious of the variety of votes scored by every social gathering from the 388 polling models. The Tribunal or Court docket of Attraction didn’t point out or ascribe any determine from the models to any social gathering of their choices, “he mentioned “Secondus continued: “ In reality, within the cross-examination of the APC Candidate, Sen. Hope Uzodinma, he couldn’t learn any determine from the “Oluwole”  outcomes. He mentioned that the figures weren’t clear. And so it beats our creativeness the place the Supreme Court docket conjured and manufactured the figures it utilized in declaring Uzodinma/APC as duly elected. However the legislation is settled as determined by the identical Supreme Court docket in Buhari  v. INEC (2008), that “weight can hardly be hooked up to a doc tendered in proof by a witness who can not or isn’t able to reply questions on the doc. One o such individuals the legislation identifies is the one who didn’t make the doc. Such an individual is adjudged within the eye of the legislation as unaware of the content material of the doc”.

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The social gathering additionally mentioned it puzzled how the APC couldn’t win at the very least a seat of the state home of meeting which was held on the identical day because the governorship. “As already identified, there was just one accreditation for the 2 elections. The APC didn’t win any o the 27 seats within the Imo State Home of Meeting. The above additional questions and confronts the rationale for the judgment of the Supreme Court docket on Imo State.

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How then did the allocate outcomes to void a lawful governorship election and imposed an unelected particular person as governor? The very fact is that the Supreme Court docket, as presently, constituted beneath Justice Tanko, has misplaced is credibility and not instructions the respect and confidence of Nigerians. If the folks not repose confidence within the Supreme Court docket, then our democracy, nationwide cohesion and stability are at nice threat. Our social gathering has it in good authority that Justice Tanko and his panel are engaged on instruction from sure forces within the Presidency to make use of the Supreme Court docket to take over states lawfully received by the PDP and award them to the APC”.

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In different to keep away from an imminent breakdown of legislation and order, the PDP calls for that Justice Tanko Mohammed Instantly steps down as CJN and chairman of the Nationwide Judicial Council as Nigerians have misplaced confidence in him and a Supreme Court docket beneath his management. Within the mild extraordinary circumstances hat vitiate that judgment as a manufacturing of manipulation and a transparent coup d’etat towards the desire of the folks of Imo State, we demand that the choice of the Supreme Court docket on the Imo Governorship Election be reviewed and reversed within the curiosity of Justice Tanko Mohammed, the CJN and his colleagues on the Imo Governorship Panel rescue themselves from the Supreme Court docket”

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The PDP mentioned it’s shocked on the   Judgment of the Supreme Court docket on the Imo State Governorship election describing it as one more very unhappy commentary on the nation’s democratic order as he social gathering finds it obscure how Senator Hope Uzodinma /APC. Who got here 4h within the March 9, 2019 governorship election, with simply 96,458 votes, will all of the sudden, by the token of the judgment of the Supreme courtroom, defeat Governor Emeka Ihedioha /PDP that scores 27,Zero votes.

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“In reality, the PDP and certainly, most Nigerians are nonetheless at a loss as to grasp the premise upon which he supreme courtroom arrived at its determination, “the Social gathering’s Nationwide Publicity  Secretary, Kola Ologboniyan, mentioned.

The social gathering described as lamentable that the future of Imo Individuals has been taken from the governor they selected and voted for an handed over to people and a political social gathering that do not need their blessing a mandate and which they rejected on the election.

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The Assertion mentioned: “The folks of Imo States at the moment are confronted with the challenges of getting a authorities that they can’t determine them, having not emanated from them. Furthermore, all of the positive aspects, together with the event and stability already obtain by the people-based authorities, beneath Governor Emeka Ihedioha/PDP administration within the states at the moment are closely jeopardized. Certainly, the mournful and despondent atmosphere that now pervades in Imo State is a loud testimony that the judgment didn’t replicate the expectation of the folks of Imo States as expressed on the polls.”

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The PDP requested: Does the Supreme Court docket votes Powers to formulate an allotted vote as election outcome? Had been the mentioned outcomes licensed by INEC as required by legislation: DID Hope Uzodinma name 388 witness from the 388 Polling models to talk to the outcomes to obviate the precept of dumping which the Supreme Court docket used towards the PP and her candidate, Atiku Abubakar, within the final Presidential Attraction? Had been the presiding officers and or social gathering brokers of the 388 polling models referred to as to testify by Uzodinma/APC, who have been the Petitioners? What are the figures from every of the assorted 388 polling models generate and allocate to Hope Uzodinma/APC  by the Supreme Court docket? is the Supreme  Court docket saying that each one the votes from the alleged 388 polling models have been for the APC alone in an election that was contested by over 70 candidates “? It’s on document that the evaluation of the vote from the Imo Governorship election as at March  11, 2019, when the outcomes have been declared was as permitting: whole accredited voters: 823,743-total  legitimate votes 739-485 – hid votes: 25,130 – whole legitimate votes: 714,35. However on the Supreme Court docket, the overall legitimate votes have elevated to 950,952. This accounts or 127,209 votes in extra of whole accredited votes of 823,743.

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The Social gathering requested: can the Supreme Court docket sit in Abuja on January 14, 2020, to extend the overall variety of accredited voters in election held in Imo States on March 9, 2019, Is there any legislation, which allows the Supreme Court docket or anybody else for that matter, to unilaterally enhance the overall accredited votes by anybody else for that matter, to unilaterally enhance the overall accredited votes by any margin after the accreditation an or the election? The place did the Supreme Court docket get the numbers o declare Uzodinma/APC from a Paltry  96,456 votes, over Ihedioha/PDP votes of 276,404, Even when all the surplus accredited votes of 127,209 manufactured by the Supreme Court docket have been added to Uzodinma/APC it is going to be 223,657 votes, nonetheless lower than Ihedioha’s votes of 276,494 by 42,747 votes.

The victory of Ihedioha/PDP was confirmed by two concurrent judgments of each the Tribunal and the Court docket of Attraction and the custom is that the Supreme Court docket hardly tamper with such choices besides it was discovered to be perverse.

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What was the proof of perversity? You will need to additionally convey to the consciousness of well-meaning members of the general public, Significantly Nigerians, that there have been two elections on March 9, 2019, specifically Governorship and the Home of Meeting.

As already identified, there was just one accreditation for the 2 elections. The APC didn’t win any of the 27 seats within the Imo States Home of Meeting which have been received as follows: PDP received 13;  AA received 8; APGA Received 6 and APC received 0, totalling 27.

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The above additional questions and confront the rationale for the judgment of the Supreme Court docket on Imo State. How then did the Supreme Court docket arrive at its determination to allocate outcomes to void a lawful governorship election and imposed an unelected particular person as governor”? “The very fact is that, the Supreme Court docket, as presently constituted beneath Justice Tanko, has misplaced its credibility and not instructions the respect and confidence of Nigerians. I the folks not repose confidence within the Supreme Court docket, then our democracy, nationwide cohesion and stability are at nice threat. The structure of the panel that heard the attraction itself was modified thrice and any choose that confirmed indicators of not agreeing to homicide democracy, on this case, was promptly eliminated by the CJN.

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The outcome needed to be unanimous to fulfill the script of rationality. However can any choose who sat on that panel go residence and sleep nicely? Can any choose who sat on that panel face his creator and swear that neutral justice was carried out? We expect not. The PDP firmly holds that if the flawed judgment of the Supreme Court docket on Imo Governorship election is allowed to face, it could be a recipe for anarchy, chaos and constitutional disaster not solely in Imo State however in your entire nation.

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One different situation that PDP famous is that it’s within the public document that Hon. Justice Kudirat Kekere-Ekun has been the fixed instrument utilized by anti-democratic brokers resident in Lagos from the place she was elevated to the bench of the Supreme Court docket, to ship at the very least three o essentially the most uncertain and controversial judgment are: 1.  Paul Ukpo V Liyel  Imokwe the place Liyel Imokwe was eliminated in very suspicious circumstances in 2007 when she was on the Court docket of Attraction; 2. Adeleke  V Oyetola delivered in 2019 which annulled the election of Adeleke by the Osun Individuals; and now 3. Uzodinma V  Ihedioha delivered on January 14, 2020, which eliminated Ihedioha of the PDP who received the election with a paltry 96,58 votes. These can’t be mere coincidences.[adinserter name=”Block2″]

Additionally, the Bishop of Anglican Church rejected the Supreme Court docket Judgment on the 2019 Imo State governorship polls. Describing the Supreme Court docket Judgment on Imo as “Depraved and Corrupt,” he bishops warned that failure to reverse the choice may entice the wrath of God on the Supreme Court docket Justice.

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Consequently, the clerics referred to as or the quick resignation of justice Tanko Mohammed because the Chief Justice of Nigeria, saying:

He’s not certified to go the nation’s judiciary. The Anglican bishop, who spoke by means of the Archbishop o Enugu Province, Dr Emmanuel Chukwuma, described the judgment as kangaroo and unacceptable to the folks of Imo State. Bishop Chukwuma, whereas briefing journalists in Enugu mentioned: “ I’m talking the minds of a lot of the Bishops of the Anglican Church that we’re very a lot discontented and really a lot in disagreement with the Kangaroo judgment of the Supreme Court docket on what has occurred in Imo State. We sincerely really feel disillusioned with the Chief Justice of Nigeria, who has not acquired his details appropriate and we fell that, that Judgment is depraved and corrupt. And so, we’re calling on the Supreme Court docket to reverse their judgment on Imo State earlier than they’ll see the wrath of God. There isn’t a method Imo State Individuals may have voted for APC with the unhealthy governance of Okorocha, or which within the Home of Meeting APC has no single seat urging the election.

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Hope Uzodinma is my good friend, I’m not towards him however I’m once more the Supreme Court docket Justice who mutilated the outcome, judging the case on the overall votes that have been greater than accredited votes, which is completely incongruous and really a lot antithetical to democracy spirit. It’s, due to this fact, our prayer that unbiased |Nationwide Electoral Fee, INEC, must also be up and doing of their declaration of outcomes and have the ability to defend no matter they declared within the sight of the Supreme Court docket. In reality, we’re calling for the resignation of the Chief Justice of Nigeria. He ought to go, he’s not a lawyer, he’s a Sharia Court docket and; he’s not a realized man. We’re calling for his resignation with quick impact. With him now, he has actually proven Nigerians that Normal Buhari, I name him Normal as a result of he’s doing what he’s referred to as to do. Had an agenda to take away Onnoghe to perpetrated what is occurring now, which is able to inflicting one other civil struggle in Nigeria after 10years:”.

We additionally pray that Father Ejike Mbaka ought to desist from his distortive prophecy and face his ministry. We name on the Catholic Church to name him to order. He’s politicizing his ministry an excessive amount of and commercializing his ministry and that’s harmful to the ministry of the church and this we completely condemn,” Bishop Chukwuma mentioned.

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Mike Ozekhome, a senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN)mentioned there’s a must interrogate the Supreme Court docket judgment declaring Uzodinma Winner of the 2019 Imo Governorship election.  The Unbiased Nationwide Electoral Fee (INEC) had declared Emeka Ihedioha Winner of the election however Uzodinma, who got here fourth, challenged the result of the election in courtroom.

Reacting in a press release, Ozekhome mentioned the Supreme Court docket determination was remaining however that analysts should verify whether or not the judgment was delivered in keeping with the legislation. “There’s atypical a presumption by the legislation, there may be ordinarily a presumption by the society that the supreme courtroom, is the ultimate courtroom of the land, is meant to be proper in its choices, after rigorous and painstaking perusal of circumstances introduced earlier than it between feuding events.

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Nevertheless, the subsequent stage is for authorized pundits, evaluation and academicians, to decipher if it met the justice of the case, having regard to the obtainable details. I do not need these details, not being one of many counsels within the attraction. They need to interrogate whether or not the judgment truly delivered justice in keeping with legislation. In spite of everything, the legislation is however a handmaid instituted by man to ship justice. The 2 are Siamese twins. One with out the opposite is naked and vacuous. One space that wants crucial evaluation and interrogation is what makes a candidate that the winner of that election”, Ozekhome mentioned.

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Additionally first republic aviation minister and the one remaining member of the Zikist motion, Chief Mbazuluike Amechi described the Supreme courtroom Judgment as theft towards the folks of Imo State. Chief Amechi who spoke in a press release titled. “save this Nation mentioned the Supreme Court docket judgment that eliminated Ihedioha as Imo State Governor has introduced dishonour to the Supreme Court docket of Nigeria and disgrace to Nigeria and must be reversed with out additional delay.

He additional said that if the Nigeria Judiciary, notably, the Supreme Court docket and the judges concerned may have the honour once more, they haven’t any different than to satisfy once more and overview the judgment in Imo State Governorship Election was a theft towards the folks of Imo State, it’s a disgrace to the Nigerian Judiciary, Nigerian Supreme Court docket, the World is condemning it, the World is condemning it, the World is condemning what the Nigerian Judiciary notably, the Supreme Court docket has carried out in Imo State in the event that they wish to save the judiciary of the embarrassment, disgrace and insult they dropped at it and the nation, they haven’t any alternative than to satisfy once more to discover a method of correcting it to save lots of the face of the judiciary, the Supreme Court docket, their faces and the face of the nation and their embarrassment they’ve brought on the nation.”

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Amechi continued: “ I’d not prefer to be concerned within the issues of legislation a lot as a result of I’m not a lawyer, however nevertheless, I see that judgment of the Supreme Court docket as a judgment that ought to not have been, it was not a real Judgment, it was not simply, it was a miscarriage of justice taken too far, I see it like many others throughout Nigeria and the World, as a judgment that has introduced the nation to disrepute and disgrace within the face of the entire World, the entire World is condemning it and seeing Nigeria as a disgrace of a rustic. So the Judiciary, notably the supreme courtroom, may have the honour once more in the event that they overview what they’ve carried out in Imo State and redress the flawed.[adinserter name=”Block2″]

In keeping with Amechi, “The Judiciary of Nigeria may have the honour once more if the Supreme Court docket meets once more to revise the entire thing they did in Imo State, they haven’t any different than to satisfy once more, and revise the entire of that judgment to know the place they made mistake, to appropriate it. It isn’t a matter of being pleased with saying now we have the ultimate say, however a matter that has drawn a lot anger and condemnation from throughout the World and introduced the nation disgrace, and so must be corrected if not for something, for the face of the nation. The honour and dignity of justice are   that there are honesty and justice or there seems to be justice on what the Court docket at that degree did or mentioned in a matter like that which has attracted worldwide consideration.”

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The Nigeria Christian Graduate Fellowship (NCGF) additionally condemned the controversial Supreme Court docket Judgment and calls for that justice Tanko Mohammed be despatched residence.

The NCGF says it’s nervous that the Supreme Court docket of Nigeria is enmeshed in controversies emanating from her controversial choices in current instances.

The NCGF says it’s nervous that the Supreme Court docket of Nigeria is enmeshed in controversies choices in current instances.

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