The concept of kneeling on one knee as important to this 21st-century proposal isn’t enshrined in historical past.  It seems to be a largely fashionable invention however nobody is aware of the way it originated.

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Within the western tradition, one potential origin of kneeling right down to suggest concept is enshrined within the centre ages custom of courtly love.

Kneeling represented give up and admiration, supplication, humility and servitude. In African tradition, Girls kneel to males once they need to…

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  • Serve a meal to a person,
  • Talk about necessary points with a person
  • Beg him for monetary help

African tradition doesn’t enable a girl to even speak to her husband along with her head up, she should barely bend her head and transfer her face away indifferent to not have an eye fixed contact with him…

How has this modified out of the blue and males have adopted a faux perspective of kneeling right down to suggest, Wow…Which suggests males are surrendering to girls as obtainable in Western international locations?  Please and please, this can be a lie.  If an African Man will come and inform me that I suggest kneeling down as a result of I need to be humble to my spouse. He’s a congenital liar. Inform that Man to assist his spouse to wash a plate, you’ll hear..Thunder fires you…

  • Who’s that African man that is able to give up to a girl?
  • Present me these African males that can humbly take a girl recommendation?
  • Am but to see that African man, who is able to serve a girl,
  • Possibly within the subsequent life, African males will enable their wives to take the cost of their wealth.
  • Am but to see That African man who admires a girl if not for self-satisfaction cause.

Fact is bitter proper, when will these complete western tradition grabbing syndrome will cease.

Lately, Nigerian Veteran Actor Opine that Males who kneel to suggest had been idiots and silly, In the phrases he mentioned…Any younger man who will get down on his knees to suggest to a lady isn’t just a fool; he’s a bloody idiot. A number of adulterated cultural minded individuals bought aggravated.  Bear in mind this, Pete Edochie is a traditionalist, he’s a core Igbo Man who is aware of his conventional onions, why can’t Africans open their eyes and cease being darkish inside and white exterior just for the world to see. Africans believes that THE WORLD IS MEN,


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Why African males kneel to suggest?  From an analysis performed, 76 p.c of African males opines that the one cause they go down on a bent knee to suggest is as a result of girls discover it interesting. This implies what they’re attempting to mimic is garbage, Is a narrative of the gods that an African man will say I knelt to suggest as a result of I need to give up wholly to a girl.

I completely agree with Pete Edochie who might need to take cognizance of the position of ladies in African society.

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African girls are being suppressed, The western world Africans are imitating follow gender equality, the place as African Girls are elevating their flags to struggle for his or her properly, If one has a proper, do it is advisable to struggle for it?

Earlier than you bend that Knee to suggest keep in mind this…

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  • A mean African man isn’t allowed to make or contribute to a vital resolution therefore girls are allowed to be heard solely.
  • African males are so scared to do a courtroom marriage ceremony in order that when he dies, that very same girls he claimed to have cherished is not going to take his wealth.
  • African males imagine that isn’t all the things {that a} man supposes to inform a girl. and many others

However, westerners, they’re attempting to undertake their concept of kneeling right down to suggest considers girls first, they do home chores, reside clear life and love just one lady at a time,

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Within the western world, males dishonest their wives usually are not apparent; However, If African lady catches her husband with different girls on their matrimonial mattress nothing will occur as a result of the world is males.

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Males kneeling right down to suggest in Africa even some with tars is FAKE.I’ve witnessed the place a spouse begged her husband to assist her to wash dishes near the place I reside, Heaven let free that day, the person responded with a thunderous slap and curse, asking his spouse ..Who’s the person on this home? .You or me. Then how will an individual persuade me that kneeling right down to suggest which calls for submission, humility and complete dedication from a person could be true?

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Is sweet to be clear and stick on what you imagine and might do higher than to be drawing a zigzag line like hen getting meals for its chicks.



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