Bishop Joshua Imoh

Interview Session by Evergreen News Paper and online Media Crew

Question 1: sir, may we meet you officially?


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Ans:       My   name is Bishop Joshua Imoh the presiding Bishop of Freedom faith Assembly           Owerri.

Question 2: sir, what is the relevance of your office to the body of Christ?

Ans:  I am the chairman southern Christian Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (CPFN) covering the 17 States in the Southern region of Nigeria. By the grace of God, we are called by God to put our own contribution to the body of Christ and in so doing bringing also revival to the body of Christ.

You know the Bible says” charity begins at home,” I am from Imo State and we have been able to partner with several motherless babies home and supporting the needy. Christ said “I was hungry and you did not feed me, and they asked’ where actually did we meet you? He said” (Christ) if you did it to your younger ones you have already did it for me”, we have to let you know closely that the real Christianity is stretching   out helping hands to one another and also presenting the message of Christ, and that is what we have being doing for over 6 months now.

Question 3: what change have you been able to bring to the Christendom especially as it regards the region and body you belong to?


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Ans:  the fundamental change is the salvation of souls, and the bible says” He that wins a soul is wise” .What Christ has committed into our hands is a message of reconciliation, man to God and that is what we are doing.

It is very important to know that each soul that comes to Christ is a plus to the body of Christ. So basically we are here to make sure that people receive Christ in truth and in spirit, that is, receiving him as their personal Lord and Savior.

And by the grace of God, we are doing that, right now we are in 23 nations reaching out to the whole world globally. By the grace of God we came back from Ghana last three weeks, and we saw massive restoration of souls.

Secondly, we are also reaching out to people. Which I have earlier mentioned that Jesus said” I was in the hospital you did not visit me”, and that is very important to the body of Christ and know that it is not only preaching that has to do with the gospel.

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You need to reach out to them also. As we speak we are together with lots of motherless babies’ home feeding the poor, reaching out to lots of people. So we are presenting the gospel spiritually and physically by reaching out to those who are hungry.

Last two weeks we laid a foundation for an old widow who actually cried unto us that she had no roof over her head, and we got there, she was actually living outside.  She was living in a thatched house and I could not practically preach the gospel to her. So I mobilized friends and right now we are laying up a foundation of one bedroom flat going on now and by the grace of God it will be commissioned by December or January.

Question 4: Is your position by election or otherwise?


Bishop Joshua Imoh
Bishop Joshua Imoh

Ans:    Now When you say election ‘’yes’’, my position is by election and also by appointment. Let me throw more light on that CPFN National body youth’s wing and by the grace of God, through the election and so many observations, I was appointed to lead them in the southern region and by the grace of God we are doing well and God is with us.

Question 5:  sir how did you know Bishop Erimujor, and what are your wishes for him at his 70th Birthday and beyond?

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Ans: Bishop I.N Erimojor is a father to all, the founding father of Pentecostal church in Imo State, so a loving father, and a father with the heart semblance of God.

He is a man that wants to see his children grow and get better, so my relationship with him is father and son relationship, I just want to wish him more grace and long life, may the hand of God be stronger as he is walking to his new age. And I also want to say his from my heart that God will preserve him for us.

Question 6: finally sir, what is your vision for the church regarding current position?

Ans:    Unity. A body that is divided against itself will not stand. Jesus in his days of his ministry was casting out a demon and he asked “how many are you? And the demon responded, we are many but I one body” and that got me thinking many demon but in one body.

So we are today in the body of Christ were five Christians cannot stay in one room for one day without trouble, believers cannot stand for their brothers, the body is highly divided. So my vision is to believe in God for outstanding unity and asking God for ability to rest the mind of people to understand that unity is very fundamental to Christianity, because working against our self we cannot make impact and we cannot stand unity is very important. And I pray from my heart that God will bring unity to the body of Christ.



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