Implementation of Common Industry Research and Development Programs


The Board has selected 24 researchers from the academia and industry into seven subject matter areas and grouped into research clusters to carry out topical researchers which will be funded by the board. The award for the first tranche of the fund has commenced.

Center Of Excellence (CoE)

The board has formed a partnership with imperial college London on the establishment of R&D CoE and appointed 4 Nigerian universities (FUTO, FUT Minna.FUT Akuru and NDU).

Four (4) thematic specific areas have been designated to each of the university.

.FUTO- Local Material substitution studies

.FUT Minna –Technology Development studies

.FUT Akuru- Geographical and geophysical studies

.NDU- Engineering studies

A road map and framework for R&D CoE have been developed. Imperial College,London has submitted a detailed operational procedure for next steps of the CoEs.

The board has concluded the physical inspection of facilities for the selected universities as CoEs.


Benchmark Studies

To compare Nigerian content measurement metrics with global standard and adopt the most suitable yardstick as beat practice, a tour to China, Brazil, and Malaysia as countries with leading models in local content policies has been scheduled.

R&D Fair

Conducting R&D fair is one of the cultural platforms to showcase R&D breakthroughs. And to create a convergence of entrepreneurs and researchers alike,in order to exhibit their findings? breakthroughs celebrate their creativity and innovations,and to firm up their business opportunities via signing MoA/MoU with identified parties. The theme of the research fair is local content based Research for sustainable development in the oil and gas industry.

Sensitization Workshops

R&D plans to conduct sensitization workshops to create awareness for Rearseachers grouped in Research centres, to enable understanding of their roles,rights and modus operandi for the workgroups undersigned (MoA)agreements



The NOGIC JQS electronic platform provides credible databank of available capacities in the oil and gas sector,which helps in planning for projects, contracting, employment and other activities in the industry. Its establishment is anchored on section 55&56 of the Nigerian contents Act. Specifically,NJQS helps the board in:


.Verification of contractors capacities and capabilities

.Evaluation of applications of Nigerian content in the operations of oil companies and contractors.

.It also serves as a database pool for national skills development

The platform can also provide useful data for the Ministry of National Planning and the National Bureau of Statistics (NBC) for their computation of statistics for the nation.

the portal is divided into three bord sections namely: the individuals Module,the service company Module and the operator Module. The URL of the portal is

The individual Module of the NOGIC JQS is designed to capture information of Nigerians presently working in the oil and gas sector or intending to do so, thus helps stakeholders source competent hands for projects.


The information profile of the individual includes bio-data; skills and certificates obtained; training and experience acquired as well as educational qualification. All information is subject to verification by the Board. The service company module is configured as receptacle of information for contractor and service companies. It also serves as a medium for correspondence between NCDMB on one hand and service companies & operators on the other.

The operator module is designed to capture information on activities of operators in Nigeria and serve as a medium of correspondence between NCDMB and operators.

The NOGIC JQS platform has been successfully deployed in the following area:

Individual Competency

There are currently 67,824 individual records and their accompanying documents on the NOGIC Portal.

Service Companies

There are currently 6,532 Service Company Portal Accounts on the NOGIC JQS.


There currently twenty (20) operator portal account on the platform.

Approved Expatriate Quota

Operators and service company can apply for their expatriate quota approval via the NOGIC JQS portal for fast and easy approval process.



NCEC Management

Nigerian contents equipment certificates can be applied for by service companies via the portal.

Expatiate Biometric Data Capture Scheme

Deployed on the 22nd of July 2013. The details of all foreigners working in operating and service companies in Nigeria are captured on the electronic platform. The Expatriate Biometric Data Captured Scheme is undertaken by the Board to keep accurate and verifiable statistics of expatriate personnel working in the Nigerian Oil and Sector.





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