Imo state is located at Eastern part of   Nigeria, and is one of the oil producing states in Nigeria. Imo state is the eastern heart of Nigeria.                                                               

In imo state, we have 27 local government and so many communities and Villages in Imo state. Imo state is also an agricultural state and a state blessed with milk and honey but the politicians are making Imo state to be one of the bad state in Nigeria. In imo state, what will need is good leadership not political parties, politicians or God’s fatherism because in Imo state, hardship has been the other of the day and its causing a lot of things in this state. Things like kidnapping, killings, money rituals and the one that is everywhere now is stealing of women pants just to make money all this are caused by hardship and bad leadership.        

To me hardship is a sin and disease. If this state called Imo can prove something for the youths, things like creating employment by building Industries, factories, and companies and so on just to help the citizens to survive, I believe things will be better than before and not promises every year.   

Imo State need good leaders and not political parties, politicians or god’s fatherism as I said before and to me if Imo people can get the qualities of a good leader in someone before making him the head in Imo, when I say qualities of a good leader I mean good qualities. 

Let me first go to the difference between politicians and leaders. The leaders base their thoughts and actions on a broad vision, they visualize the future and therefore, take decision and actions that will ultimately result in the picture they see in their mind usually big and great. But politicians are not.

Leaders are result oriented and goal driven, they can see the future   pictures of success based on the goals they have set and the decisions and action they will take. They are not high in material things like the politicians who think, talk and make promises like cock heat.

Leaders hear the cry of the citizens before and after election, but politicians hear only before the election which showed that the politicians are for business. So in Imo state, what we need is good leadership. Few years ago, Imo people have been crying because of bad government.

Please my good people of Imo state, in these coming election let vote for leaders and not politicians or political parties because it will not help us in future. Let me say in the next election,” go for the better and not the promises. Don’t sell your right as a citizen just because of money but vote rightly.



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