By Williams Florence

Imo State is a state blessed with natural resources. It is a peaceful state where great men and women of substance are found. This is a state with patriotic citizens until the bad government turned the state upside down by not doing the things that they are supposed to do. Things like creating job opp ortunities for the youths, building companies, factories and industries for the youths. A state is said to be democratic in nature that is, government of the people, for the people and by the people, but today what do we have and see in the state government of Imo, you never can tell. The people government is never by money, connection or for family alone thus what am trying to say is that those people that have come of age on government seat should make way for the youths who are the future generation to pilot the affairs of government. Thus, youths are not supposed to buy jobs with money more especially the graduates but I think the reason for this is bad government.

The essence of this bad governance is corruption, which started from the bad leaders of our country and state. The political leaders in government make promises during their campaign to see to the needs of their youths but today where are the promises being actualized? They promise heaven and earth and after being elected, they do otherwise, that is a bad government. So, government should make sure they provide job opportunities, industries, companies and factories for the youths in Imo State and also a good leader that will lead the Imolites, so that Imo will be better again. Let there be a good government as well because I believe that if we have a good government and a good leaders, things will move well and youths will not involve themselves in a criminal or evil act again. So let join hands and make Imo a better state and also with good government.



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