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In my own brainchild, Man naturally maintain a pattern of relationship and can’t live in all
alone, he has to depend on others to make a living like an Igbo adage said “Anyuko Amiri ogaa
ufufu(urinating together stirs up a foam).working in a team is quite a challenge people has to
adjust themself to the requirement of these teams. Teamwork is like a well-oiled machine that
can produce great results and all the members of the team must work together selflessly toachieve a common goal.

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1. Lead yourself _
Self-discipline must be “job one” if you are to draw out the best in others.know your natural
talents, your limits, your goals, and your values.
2. Know your people _
Find ways to manage around them by discovering that each person is best at his or
her gifts, talents, and abilities, do not attempt to “fix” their weaknesses but find a place to
accommodate them.
3. Build trust in them _
By encouraging full commitment from them, lead trust to a fear of conflict, avoidance of
accountability and eventual inattention to their results.
4. Tap into everyone’s knowledge _
Bringing out the best in your team no moth, there comfort level shouting over loudmouth,
in a fair world who we listen to would be based on who had the most relevant information and
is often the loudest person who dominates a discussion not the most knowledgeable. Early in
a task team members should be encouraged to discuss the relevant knowledge each brings to
the table.
5. Work yourself out of a job _
Nearly every expects to agree that to bring out the best in your people, Embrace this reality
even if it makes you nervous, letting them learn to do things way beyond your own abilities,
doing that encourages you to hire and promote the best people around and also help to grow
in their jobs, a d develop new skills.
6. Banish your biases/ be focus _
Think you’re free of unconscious preferences and irrational pet peeves, think again
everyone has them and left unexamined they can be highly demotivating for your team.
7. Coach them by providing encouragement, correction with the needs of the whole person,
heart, mind, spirit, and guidance needed for them to excel and achieve a winning result.
8. Release them by permitting them to function autonomously by creating freedom, sense of
ownership, accomplishment to define your goals and results clearly, then the approached
and recognize positive contributions with them.
9. Have fun with them by creating a satisfying friendships offering, challenging work and
reminding the team that the work is worthwhile and when you give people the opportunity
to get people the opportunity to laugh, It creates a strong sense of solidarity and team

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1. Initiate new ideas by taking the time to be pro_ active and originating new concepts.
Generate more possibilities, learn a lot and inspire others.
2.update coworkers on your progress by supporting his or her projects you are working on and
invite them to share their opinions and also leads to a better overall outcome.
3. Be positive don’t be afraid to show your passion_ Sometimes it can be challenging but those
who have a great attitude attract the attention of others as well as interpersonal relations
with others.

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4. Let’s others count on you _
Always deliver high-quality work and make sure others know they can trust you to get the
job is done by demonstrating competence and when others view you as trustworthy most likely
they will reciprocate.
5. Pay attention to what your coworkers say by being a great listener, it shows you are truly
interested in what is being said and has been shown that active listening skills can improve
workplace performance and helps reduce misunderstanding, caring attitude and tasks can
usually, be accomplished quicker.

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