His Royal Majesty Eze Jude Mbamara


Nkem Paul, Emmanuel Nnani,   Alaneme Maryann, Eugenia Ogbonna and Blessing Onyeka

It was an interesting courtesy call as His Royal Majesty, Eze Mbamara visited the branch office of Evergreen news online and Newspapers Ltd at Orji, Owerri in Imo State on 2nd of March 2019 for a press interview with editors and senior reporters regarding his prophecy over Buhari’s victory.


Your majesty may we meet you officially?

Yes you have already met me officially and in person. As before, my name`  is, His Majesty Eze Jude Mbamara. The crown head of Obibi Ochasi in Orlu Local Government of Imo State. I am the 10th in the throne of kingship in my community. My kingdom is an ancient kingdom and I am the first son in my community.

President Buhari has been declared the winner in 2019 election by INEC, and it could be recalled that the day we visited your palace, you predicted that Buhari is going to win. Are you a prophet?

Eh…, well, God revealed to me that Buhari is going to win the election like in 2015, when I told them that Buhari is going to be the president they didn’t even believe it and how it came to pass. On June 2014, I was in a dream somewhere in Jos and the man who opened the door for me was wearing an Hausa dress and when I entered into that place, very big office and I said to my clan that if Jonathan wins this election I remove my cap as a king and at the end Buhari won. Just like as they were saying Rochas will go, the same period I was in a dream and I saw Rochas dancing in an open market and I said to them that as heaven is above the earth that is how the thought of God is above the thought of man that Rochas is coming back. You know God does his things in his ways so I saw Buhari coming back again. Well, it is not a strange development, God revealed to me that Buhari is going to win. I have to say it for everybody to hear.

The PDP and other political parties that supported Atiku have said that after May 29th, 2019 they are going to form their own Government. As the father of the land what is your advice to the PDP?

Yes, let’s start from the first question that you ask, the international observers from Britain to America, from every part of the world, the local observers, the senior citizens of Nigeria have recommended that the election was free, fair and transparent, so that is enough to say that the contentions of PDP and their presidential flag bearer is not an issue. It is only those who want to make money, that want to be known. Atiku wants to be known in this election. If a small man wants to be popular, he goes to fight with a big man.

 I think Atiku’s rejection of the presidential election result is political. He wants to remain politically relevant and to use it as a means of political/financial settlement. That is what his antics is all about. I will not advise him to go and fight this government. Before he does that, let him be sure of his facts and figures before he goes to the electoral tribunal that is what I will advise him to do. If he tries to form his own government is like a man coming out of the road in front of a trailer to see what it can do, the trailer is going to crush him.

You recall during the first peace accord, he said that his ambition does not worth the blood of any innocent Nigerian, he repeated what Jonathan said in 2015 that if the election is free, fair, and transparent he will concede defeat, so I don’t know what he’s trying to say again. I have listened to him, he did not say he did not  loose the election. He was only contending some areas he did not garner votes as he expected and he said he’s consulting with Nigerians. He went to Obasanjo and said he wants to go to court, let him go to court. Even if you ask Atiku, in his mind, he knew he didn’t win the election.

The Igbos have been subjected to marginalization as regards to political appointment, what is your advice to President Buhari?

There is an adage that says “No food for a lazy man” President Buhari knows those he work with to protect the office. My advice as a father, he should give equal positions to all ethnic groups. The President wasn’t elected by the Kastina State alone but by all Nigerians. He should stand firm to subdue Boko haram and Herdsmen. Let no digger be an escape. Let him try so that Nigerians will stop crying of hunger. He should fight Boko haram and promote policies that will stabilize the economy. He should reduce the price of petrol so that poor people can buy petrol like others.

As a Royal father, who do you advice your people to vote for in Imo Gubernatorial Election?

God gives power to whom he wishes. The issue of Governorship election is very critical. God will do some surprises in the State. The Igbos should be careful the way they criticize their leaders. There are more blackmailers in Imo State. So everyone should be more careful of criticism.

What has been your secret of maintaining laws in your community?

If people abuse the tradition of the land, they laws will follow them up. When you have flaws, you will be questioned. So any offender of the custom, will face the law.

What is your relationship as the king with other community?

I am very friendly to the traditional Rulers of other communities. We are in peace and I respect them so much.

There is mixed reaction over the declaration of the result of the concluded presidential election. What is your advice to Nigerians?

When you fight the battle you cannot win, try to ask for help from people. We don’t want 419ners, ritualists but people that are educated. One advice is, if you go for exams, those who failed doesn’t mean they did not do well. Everybody is speaking of peace in Nigeria, so let peace reign in this country and never toil with democracy.

Imo State for some time now has been experiencing inconclusive election, what do you think is the cause and what is your advice?

Igbo people should respect their leaders. An adage says “if you can’t beat them, you join them” has become a phenomenon in Imo State. Imo State wants to control people who are elected. People from Imo State should be careful the way the treat their Leaders.



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