Grace and work are not at variance neither can one replace the other.
Definition of grace (John 14:6) GRACE: God’s Riches at Christ Expense.
Grace is the foundation but can only be stirred by works


Grace means flowing in finished works (John14:6) Grace is a gift (Heb. 12:15) Grace is the foundation of life (Rom11:6). Jesus grow in grace and st ature (Lk. 2:52, Zech. 4:7). When grace is in operation in a man’s life, efforts turns to effective results that erases insults in one’s life. The man walks into labour free and struggle free life with a meaningful testimony. Grace fuels power that engender tirelessness in one’s destiny. Grace is tangible (Acts 11:23, Gal 2:19) Grace can be continuous and can discontinue (Acts 13:43). Grace can be distributed. When one disconnect from grace such a person can be disgraced (1Pet 4:10, 2Corith. 8:13, Num. 11:16-17). Connection to grace sources is connection to grace resources (2Corith. 9:14, 2 Pet 3:18) Grace brings prosperity (Phil.1:7). Grace in this context can be described as water that can flow according to the extent of piping connections by the plumber or water engineer where as our works can be described as the pipes itself which defines and determines the extent and volumes as well as limit of flow of grace (2Corith. 9:8).
Good works is a function of grace. Grace manifests more where there is work. Grace can also be describe as being static. It is work that gives grace motion. Work is the force that stirs motion of grace. Works activates grace (Matt11:2) Grace is God’s power in our life which made us what we are (2Corith 6:1). The level of grace you carry is proportionate to the assignment of God you are involved in. Engage the grace in warfare (Acts 4:33). It takes grace to disgrace diabolical manipulations (Acts13:6-12) Charge your spirit to remain in charge (Acts5:16)
Grace assaults demonic oppressions, disgraces affliction and demonic powers (Acts 16:13-15). God’s prophet/servants transfers anointing to others by speaking the word into their life (John 6:63, Ezk. 2:2) Python spirit succeeds in the life of a Christian because of prayerlessness and spiritual slumbering
Grace is potential, it is work that turns it Kinetic i.e. assignments or works gives grace the kinetic energy that puts grace in motion. Grace is “caged” it is work that lets it loose (2Thes 3:10). The extent grace can go is determined by work. The more work you do, the more grace expresses itself in one’s life. We grow in grace and destiny (2Pet. 3:18) Man can frustrate the grace of God in his life and loose it (Gal 2:21) one can frustrate the grace by negligence. How?
The grace you don’t respect will never prosper you. Condition to acquire grace: you must respect grace, sow into grace (Deut. 34:9).
Joshua honored, respected and submitted to Moses and receive grace. Grace singles out a man – Joshua. (Deut. 34:9) Grace magnifies a man – Joseph (Gen. 41:40-45) Grace is a divine mystery that helps a man to command supernatural breakthrough (1Corith. 2:6-7, 1sam 2:9). Grace does not rely on hard work.
Mental bravery cannot give you breakthrough (Ps 127:1-2, Ec. 9:11) Grace renders everything you need to survive (Rom 5:6)
Nkem C. Paul
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