GOITER: Causes and Home Remedies


Goiter is a swelling in the neck resulting from an enlarged thyroid gland in order to comply
with the pituitary demand
Goiter can be any one one of the several types of growths in the thyroid gland located at the
base of the front side of the neck.it can be developed in the thyroid hormone that cannot
function properly.


Causes of goiter
1. Iodine deficiency may be cause by a diet high in hormone _inhibing foods such a cabbage,
broccoli, cow milk and table salt. People who live inland or at high elevations are often iodine
deficient and can develop goiter when the thyroid enlarges in an effort to obtain iodine.
2. Smoking is also known to be goitrogenic,with cigarette smoke containing goiteogens and

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3. Thyroid cancer
5. Solilary thyroid nodule
1. Swelling of the front side of the base of the neck,ranging from a small lump or multiple
nodules to the general enlargement .
2. If you have hypothyroidism symptoms it may also include weight loss, irregular heart rate,
feeling hot when no one else does ,muscle weakness and hand tremors.
3. Dizziness when the hand is raised above the head.

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Home remedies for goiter
1. Apple cigar vinegar can be use and mix with honey and water mix together, drink on an
empty stomach, helps to increase iodine absorption and reduce the thyroid swelling.
2. Castor oil can be used to massage at the neck area, leave it over night, helps in conversion of
T4 to active T3 and also detoxifies the liver.

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3. Bentonite clay can be use also by adding enough water to the clay powder, mix well and apply
it to the particular place,wash it off after 2 to 3 days,it helps to cleanse the body from toxin
buildup that has effective antimicrobials properties.
4. Lemon juice can be used also,mix with garlic and honey,drink it every morning with empty
stomach, it contains inflammatory compounds that helps to remove any toxins that have been
accumulated in the body due to infection.

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5. Moringa leave helps too to regulate the production of thyroid hormone, cooked with hot
water, take in an empty stomach, it helps I refreshing of the body system.
6. Garlic stimulates the production of glutathione in the body and requires for the healthy and
functioning of the thyroid, can be chew every morning, if you feel that they are too pungent
crush the cloves and add some honey before ingesting.
7. Nuts helps not only rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, it stimulates the conversion of
T4 hormone and hormone 24 if soak overnight ad munch them



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