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The Spokesman to President Muhammadu Buhari, Garba Shehu has come under attack by Nigerians following his statement on the outbreak of Coronavirus in Nigeria.

Shehu on Sunday morning after a long silence on the outbreak of the deadly disease in Lagos on Thursday wondered why Nigeria media did not bring to spotlight the death caused by Malaria as they did for Coronavirus.

On his Twitter page, he wrote: “This morning’s newspapers, all of them have Coronavirus as the lead, cover story.

“When will they bring the spotlight to bear on 822 who are killed by malaria every day in Nigeria?

However, his comment did not go down well with some Nigerians who told the presidential aide that it is obvious that Buhari administration has failed in public health.

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According to them, Buhari’s administration should be ashamed that malaria which has treatment is killing Nigerians daily.

Here are some comments gathered by DAILY POST from Twitter;

@iamfictionary “When will they bring the spotlight to the fact that your bosses are rehabilitating terrorists instead of the victims in IDPs and the soldiers that are sacrificing their lives for our safety?”

@Ayekooto “This is the last straw that has made me give up on this country. 822people die daily? That is 822 x 366= 300,852 x 5yrs of this administration= over 1.5million people and yet Buhari has no emergency fumigation plan, treated net distribution or drug subsidy plan. Yet you tweet this!

@OyinkuruJames “Listen to your reasoning capability? If actually malaria parasite is killing 836 Nigerians every day, whose fault is it? Am glad u r exposing the flaws of this government.”

@Allyshimmer “We all know the first treatment and prevention of malaria. That it kills people in Nigeria is a shame on your government so focus on that.”

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@BanksOmisore “Please stop this attitude of Us (presidency) vs everyone. Stop looking for imaginary enemies. If you are not attacking those you call opposition or wailers, you are attacking media houses. For once, preach unity to face Coronavirus in Nigeria then go back your politicking once defeated.

@Ibangaemmanuel “Honestly. Who selected/gathered this bunch of despicable mediocre as a team? Garba is not ashamed that his government allows malaria to kill 822 Nigerians every day. So if the media report it that’ll bring the scourge to an end?

@Hisknowledgeable ” If according to you @Garba Shehu malaria kills over 822 Nigerians, daily, even under Buhari. You are simply telling us that your boss has failed in public health.”

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“Thanks a bunch for bragging over the deaths of over 822 hapless Nigerians to malaria, daily.”

@LoveisSupremeO “See how you have brought the ineptness of your government to bare. Your tweet is evidence of how inefficient this administration has been.”

@WisdomOLazarus “And you are not ashamed to say malaria killed 822. Other countries have gone past beating malaria. What happened to the huge sums budgeted for the fight against malaria. What happened to the huge sums budgeted for insecticide-treated mosquito nets as lamented by the president’s wife.”

@Blessonate “Garba Shehu thinks this tweet makes sense, unknowingly exposing how the government he serves is failing in the health sector. Almost 900 people die daily because of malaria and he is not ashamed to say it!”

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