FR. Mbaka and his prophetic profiteering a sludge on the catholic priesthood



Recently Rev.Fr Ejike Mbaka, the general overseer of the Adoration Ministry Enugu (AMEN) in his characteristics manner a controversial prophecy that sen. Hope Uzodinma want to blackmail Gov.Emeka Ihedioha, in the name of God be sworn in as the Governor Imo state very soon. A few uninformed individuals have been rattled by the prediction because they believe that the priest is a genuine prophet of God whose words must come to pass. However, those of us who know his unscrupulous antecedents, is unperturbed, knowing that this is obviously another move by the maverick priest to blackmail Gov.Emeka Ihedioha, in the name of God.

At the end of that message, Mbaka even went ahead to say that house affected by the prophecy shouldn’t bother making any effort to reach him, as he was speaking the mind of God. He also threatened any attempt to attack him because of the prophecy would attract the wrath of God. However, it is apposite to note here that the value to be attached to a message must be relative to the weight of the messenger. In other words, for any reasonable man to believe Mbaka’s prophecy, he must first establish the credibility of the priest. The bible is the reference point for every Christian. And one has to juxtapose Mbaka’s prophetic style with that of the biblical prophets in order to ascertain if he is true of God and from God. It must be noted that the prophets of the bible were known for making accurate predictions that always come to pass, while it is on record that Mbaka has made several predictions that failed to come to pass. And unlike the biblical prophets who prophesied purely on spiritual grounds, It appears that Mbaka predictions on materials factors. I will buttress these points with accurate facts for the uninformed to understand that Mbaka’s prophecy on Uzodimma’s governorship is just a mere farce. For example, in 2002, Mabaka declared a holy war on the then governor of Enugu state, Chimaraoke Nnamani, through special audiotape titled this wicked Generation, in which he specifically stated that Nnamani will loose his 2003 re-election bid. But Nnamani later got re-elected for another 4 years term in office. Prior to 2105 presidential election, Mbaka was a friend of former President Goodluck Jonathan and his family until they fell apart. Their estrangement started when the former first lady Mrs Patience Jonathan had visited Mbaka’s ministry with her friends. Mbaka praised Jonathan’s too high heavens and even predicted that Jonathan would win the 2015 presidential election. And that anybody fighting Jonathan was fighting God. However, they fell apart because according to Mbaka, Mrs Jonathan instead of giving him her direct phone number asked one of her aides to give him a number, not her direct line. For that slight, Mbaka’s prediction changed, all of a sudden. He withdraws all the prayers and blessings he had heaped on the Jonathans and transferred the same to his opponent, Gen Muhammadu Buhari. For Mbaka it was a case of a trade by barter. Scratch my back and will scratch my back.

FR. Mbaka

After the saga. Mbaka made a volte-face and prophesied in 2015 that Buhari would win the 2015 presidential election and that peace and progress would return to Nigeria thereafter. He also prophesied in January 2016 saying.’’New crises are going to come up. But in the end, there will be peace. Peace will be tabernacle at the epicentre of this country to handle any crises no matter how it began, malignant,  or even satanic it evil appear like He predicted that the country will overcome these new crises. Fulani herdsmen, Shiite group, southern Kaduna crises, all sprang up a major crisis, but none has abated till date as he predicted, instead they have continued to go from worse to worst.

In the same 2016, he also prophesied that there would be an attempt to assassinate president Buhari which never happened.Does it mean that God is now a liar? It also sad to note, that in the same 2016 and barely a year he predicted that Buhari would be victorious at the presidential polls and bring peace and progress to Nigeria, Mbaka came out again to say that the regime of Buhari has added pains and sufferings to the lives of people who voted him massively at the 2015 polls. Again I ask does this mean that the earlier prophecy was a mistake? Fr Mbaka during the 2018 Harvest and Bazaar at his adoration ground in Ememe, Enugu prophesied that the Imo governorship candidate of the All Progressive Congress (APC), sen, Hope Uzodimma will come victories at the polls. Mbaka makes this scandalous prophecy when sen.Uzodimma who represented President Buhari at the adoration ground on December 3, 2018, donated N2m to the ministry and promised that president Buhari will build a hospital in the adoration ground. This prompted Fr.Mbaka to declare Uzodimma will become the next Governor, by the grace of God’’. This prophecy also failed woefully as Uzodimma didn’t win.Now, Mbaka has come up again with the prophecy that sen, Uzodinma will be sworn in as the Governor.Even after the supreme court in recent judgment had declared that he was never the APC candidate in that election, as Uche Nwosu was the rightful candidate of the party. So if Mbaka’s prophecy is anything to go by, the implication is that Uzodimma would be sworn in as Governor and as an independent candidate in an election the supreme court has ruled that he was never a participant.Isn’t that absurd? Sadly, however, this goes to show how ridiculously low Mbaka has descended just for the sake of material benefits.If because of N2m and a promise to build a hospital for his ministry Mbaka could award Sen Uzodinma a prophecy that he would win the 2019 Imo state gubernatorial election, it then implies that if Gov Ihedioha goes to him with more, money and promises than Uzodinma, the promise would change. And if APGA’s sen Ifeanyi Ararume should visit Mbaka with even more money and pledge of more projects than  Uzodinma and Gov.Ihedioha, then the prophecy would be edited to favour him. Considering these sordid facts, it may not be OUT OF PLACE FOR ONE TO SAY THAT Mbaka is a false prophet. Otherwise hoe else can one explain the situation where he claimed he didn’t see the truth when former Imo state governor, Ikedi Ohakim was falsely accused of flogging priest.In spite of Ohakim’s copious explanation absolving himself of the allegation, Mbaka went ahead to wax a song against Ohakim’s re-election bid, but surprising, the moment Ohakim paid him a special visit at his ministry, he scales literally fell from his eyes and Mbaka quickly apologized publicly to Ohakim over the false allegation. However, this was done after the damage had been done. Run up to the 2015 presidential election, Mbaka had publicly recommended former Gombe governor Alh Hassan Ibrahim Dankwambo to the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) TO THE PARTY FLAG BEWARE AT T THE PRESIDENTIAL election. He gave several good reasons for his recommendation, although many believed that he was recruited and paid to act the script written by the beneficiary of that statement. Nevertheless, when his opinion was ignored by the party, he felt slighted as usual. His annoyance with the party became aggravated when the former governor Anambra state governor, Dr Peter Obi and running mate of the eventual presidential flag bearer if the PDP. Alh,Atiku Abubakar during the 2018 harvest and Bazaar programme at the Adoration ground, refused to yield to Mbaka’s undue pressure to donate a huge sum of money and make pledges of projects to his ministry. In reaction to that, Mbaka prophesied that Buhari would be re-elected because Atiku and refused to donate money and make pledges to his ministry He even went ahead to declare that there will be darkness in the clouds over Nigeria for complete five hours, starting from 12 pm till 5 pm. Then after it, will be followed by a massive rain with thunder, which will be a sign to prove the authenticity of his prophecy and calling. He further vowed that he would resign his priesthood, should this sign fail to occur on October 1, 2019.of a truth, president Buhari was re-elected, howbeit, in an election described by bandits as the most fraudulent in the history of the country. However, none of the signs Mbaka spoke about happened. Meaning he is not a true prophet of God like he claims. And since then Mbaka has failed to fulfil his vows by resigning his priesthood. So much for the priest of God. Based on the foregoing, it has become crystal clear that Mbaka’s prophecies are not from God but his personal opinion which oftentimes motivated by one material consideration or the other. Who knows how much sen Uzodinma may have parted with this time around in order to extract such a frivolous and laughable prophecy from Mbaka? Having said that, I make bold to say that while Mbaka is entitled to his opinion, he must take note that it’s outrightly immoral ungodly and equally and equally criminal for him to attribute his personal opinion as a word of prophecy from God. In addition, Mbaka must also take note it is the height of spiritual irresponsibility and gross abuse of priestly office. For him to seek to upstage Gov. Ihedioha, a man chosen and duly elected by Imolites through his habitual blackmailing prediction.However, it must be stressed here that it is time for the Roman Catholic church to take the necessary step to call Mbaka to order the way the church has done with Rev Fr. Magnus  Ebere (E-Dey Work).For the set of new-age priests such as Mbaka and co have grossly eroded the tradition of the church and have deliberately and defiantly operated their own system entirely outside the rudiments of the church.

FR. Mbaka

Nevertheless. I will summarize this treatise with a quotation from the holy book of Deuteronomy 18:22

‘’When a prophet speaks in the name of LORD if the thing doesn’t happen or come to pass, that is the thing which the Lord has not spoken; the prophet has spoken it presumptuously you shall not be afraid of him so Imolites are created by the fact that Mbaka is not God. He has given his presumptuous and jaundiced opinion cum prediction, and they have thrown it into the dustbin. But he must further take note until God truly says otherwise, Gov. Emeka Ihedioha shall remain the executive Governor of Imo state till May 29, 2023. And there is nothing Mbaka or Sen Hope Uzodinma can do about it



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